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Where to Eat Near NYU

Sam Levison 12 comments

There's no end to great places to eat near NYU, which covers several of the city's best eating neighborhoods. New to town, broke, and hungry? Take a peep for some can't-miss bites to get you through class. More

Clay Pot Rice at Yummy Noodle: The Best Deal in Chinatown?

Max Falkowitz 21 comments

You can get a full meal for two or three people at Yummy Noodle for $7 to $10. But the best part of the clay pot rice dishes? You get to keep the clay pot, but only if you take your food to go. More

A Brief Tour of NYC's Indian Taxi Stands and Watering Holes

Max Falkowitz 8 comments

There's a game I like to play from time to time in this city: find something so completely foreign to me that I have to see it with my own eyes to believe it's really in New York. This round set me on the trail of New York's Indian taxi drivers and the places they go to eat between fares. More

Five Great Cheap Indian Desserts In Jackson Heights

Jamie Feldmar 3 comments

The dazzling array of neon-colored, silver-laced Indian sweets, or mithai, is yours for the taking in Jackson Heights! More

Cheap Eats: Five Great Russian Snacks In Brighton Beach

Jamie Feldmar Post a comment

Over an hour from Manhattan by subway and a light year away in atmosphere, Brighton Beach is a jackpot for adventurous food field-trippers. Markets and restaurants offer a greatest-hits list of Russian cuisine—smoked fish and meats, soups, blintzes, caviar, dumplings, pickled vegetables, slaws, rye breads, pastries, and so much more—often at mind-bogglingly low prices. More

Cheap Eats: Five Great Doubles In Bed-Stuy & Crown Heights

Jamie Feldmar 5 comments

It's hard not to love doubles, the handheld street snack that's as ubiquitous in Trinidad and Tobago as hot dogs are in New York: they're cheap, filling, healthyish, and open to plenty of recipe improvisation at the hands of skilled street vendors. Doubles are a sandwich consisting of two pieces (hence the name) of fried turmeric-spiked quick bread called bara and a filling of curried channa, or chickpeas, optimally laced with shado beni, a West Indian herb that's a stronger cousin to cilantro. Toppings include a vinegary Scotch Bonnet-infused hot sauce and tamarind chutney, and the harder to find (but equally delicious) cucumber or mango chutneys. More

Cheap Eats: Five Great Italian Snacks On Court Street

Jamie Feldmar 7 comments

Carroll Gardens has a rich Italian-American history. What better way to experience it than to snack your way down Court Street? More

Where To Eat Near The US Open: Under $5

Sara Markel-Gonzalez 2 comments

Going to the US Open this week? Looking for some adventure before or after the matches? Here's a list of fun foods that can be found in nearby Corona (as well as Flushing), on the way to or just outside the stadium—and all for under $5.00! More

A Sandwich A Day: Curry Chicken Salad at Outpost Lounge

A Sandwich a Day Hannah Smith-Drelich Post a comment

The Outpost Lounge is a gem of a coffee place, and not much of an outpost if you happen to live near the border of Brooklyn neighborhoods Clinton Hill, Bed-Stuy, or Prospect Heights. With an artful tree-like cluster of bared lightbulbs behind the bar and a tiled narrow garden out back, the Lounge has an appropriate Bohemian-hide-out feel, with the carefully-tended coffee to match. More

Cheap Eats in Chinatown, NYC: 10 Great Meals Under $6

The Serious Eats Team 15 comments

When you start spending time in Manhattan's Chinatown, the idea of shelling out more than $6 for a meal seems preposterous. Because it's possible to fill up for about $2. There's so much to eat in the neighborhood that we could probably write this article ten times over. ("100 Great Meals Under $6?") But as a first step, here are 10 insanely good deals in Chinatown—tasty eats for under $6. Sometimes way under. More

Our Favorite Sandwiches Under $6 in NYC

The Serious Eats Team 28 comments

It's little surprise that some of this city's best restaurants make mighty fine sandwiches. But for an everyday lunch, you don't want a $15 lamb sandwich, no matter how good it is—you want to hand over a few bucks and get something awesome in return. Here are our favorite cheap sandwiches in NYC. More

A Sandwich A Day: Sesame Pancakes at Vanessa's Dumpling House

A Sandwich a Day Hannah Smith-Drelich 3 comments

What happens when you take a pancake, stud it with sesame seeds, and stuff it full of silky meats and fresh vegetables? More

The Best Restaurant Bites for Five Bucks or Less

Apps Only Ben Fishner 6 comments

A roundup of the best snacks and small plates in New York for five bucks or less. More

Vendy Finalist: King of Falafel

Hannah Smith-Drelich 8 comments

The 2010 Vendy Awards, a celebration of New York street food, will be held on September 25 at Governors Island. All proceeds will benefit the Street Vendor Project, an arm of the Urban Justice Center, advocating for the interests of... More

A Sandwich a Day: 'The Bomb' from Sal, Kris, and Charlie's, The Sandwich King of Astoria

A Sandwich a Day Adam Kuban 19 comments

What's on The Bomb ($7) at Sal, Kris, and Charlie's Deli in Astoria? Like the sign behind the counter says, everything. No, seriously. Every. Damn. Thing. More

Cheapeatery, Directory of Cheap Eats in the City

Robyn Lee Post a comment

Cheapeatery.com launched last week as a directory of eateries and their menus where you can get a meal for under $10 (with the option to search for meals under $6). I like that they have a category for dumplings,... More

Hard Times: Soup at Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company

Adam Kuban Post a comment

In these hard times, the crew at the office here has noticeably cut back, brown-bagging it more often and looking for cheap eats. One of the deals Alaina discovered near HQ is the soup lunch at Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee... More

City Room Compiles a List of $1 Eats

Carey Jones 1 comment

What does a dollar get you these days? (Besides a rapidly declining number of Euro cents?) Not too much, in the way of food. But Jennifer 8. Lee at the New York Times's City Room blog, drawing heavily from... More

How Far Will $15 Get You in Jackson Heights?

Robyn Lee Post a comment

Seth Grundberg of the New York Post and his wife roam Jackson Heights with $15 each, eating at four tasty spots in the process. Hop on the 7 train to feast on tacos, kebabs, corn cakes, and more, all within... More

A Guide to Cheap Snacks in Manhattan's Chinatown

Gordon Mark 17 comments

Gordon Mark weighs in with another of his Guides to Manhattan's Chinatown. This time, he attacks cheap snacks with reckless abandon. More

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