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Kofte Piyaz: Turkish Grill and Soothing Lentil Soup in Sunset Park

Max Falkowitz 2 comments

Kofte Piyaz is principally a Turkish meat house in Sunset Park that looks like a small diner. Gyros, sujuk (Turkish sausage), and meatballs (the namesake kofte) dominate the menu, but it's the Lentil Soup that has me thinking about the restaurant days after my meal. More

Lunch Today: Spare Ribs at Big Wong King

Lunch Today Ed Levine 1 comment

While the Serious Eats editors have stopped by Big Wong King for duck and chicken, I couldn't believe they'd never tried the spare ribs ($5.50). More

Lunch Today: Roast Duck and Soy Sauce Chicken at Big Wong King

Lunch Today Carey Jones Post a comment

Lunch at Big Wong King can be a lightning-fast endeavor, but not if you spend half an hour reading through the hundreds of things on the menu. So we'll save you time and point you toward the Roast Duck or the Soy Sauce Chicken ($3.75 each). More

Cheap Eats in Chinatown, NYC: 10 Great Meals Under $6

The Serious Eats Team 15 comments

When you start spending time in Manhattan's Chinatown, the idea of shelling out more than $6 for a meal seems preposterous. Because it's possible to fill up for about $2. There's so much to eat in the neighborhood that we could probably write this article ten times over. ("100 Great Meals Under $6?") But as a first step, here are 10 insanely good deals in Chinatown—tasty eats for under $6. Sometimes way under. More

Our Favorite Sandwiches Under $6 in NYC

The Serious Eats Team 28 comments

It's little surprise that some of this city's best restaurants make mighty fine sandwiches. But for an everyday lunch, you don't want a $15 lamb sandwich, no matter how good it is—you want to hand over a few bucks and get something awesome in return. Here are our favorite cheap sandwiches in NYC. More

Dallas BBQ: Boldly Going Where No Other Food Writer Has Gone Before

Ed Levine 32 comments

Hundreds of people eat at this restaurant every day, and savor every last fried or grilled bite. But nary a food critic or food writer or blogger among them. Until now. The serious eaters hit Dallas BBQ en masse last week, and I for one survived with my palate intact... and my stomach full for a full week afterwards. More

El Ranchito del Agave: The Only All-You-Can-Eat Mexican Buffet in Manhattan?

Erin Zimmer 4 comments

"In general, whatever they slather with their slightly tangy, bright-tasting verde sauce is good." [Photographs: Robyn Lee] El Ranchito del Agave 476 9th Avenue (b/n 36th and 37th; map); 212-904-1198 Service: It's all you, buddy! Must-Haves: Anything with verde sauce,... More

Tasty $1 Treats in NYC

Linnea Covington 14 comments

Who would have thought you can eat for $1 in this city? When I started my hunt, I was shocked at how many tasty treats were only a buck. But like shopping at a 99-cent store, these foods are... More

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