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A Good but Pricey Burrito at Cafe El Portal

Max Falkowitz 12 comments

When I asked you about burritos in New York last week, this was the one I had in mind. Nolita's Cafe El Portal makes a good burrito. Actually it makes one of the better burritos I've had in New York—which is not the same as great—but it comes with a price, $10.50 if you go with the pork filling. Is it ever okay to pay double digits for a burrito? More

Where Can You Get a Good Burrito in New York?

The Serious Eats Team 47 comments

New York's never been a hardcore burrito town, but it has no shortage of burrito lovers. So where should they go? More

Stan's Cafecito is South Williamsburg's Neighborhood Burrito Spot

Paul Yee 6 comments

During the dog days of summer, Stan's Cafecito hides behind a bamboo roller shade that provides cover for the few lucky guests who have snagged a stool at the window while they wait for their iced coffee or breakfast burritos. The tiny, table-less space in south Williamsburg houses a sparing kitchen with little more than an electric skillet and griddle; it would be easy to miss all together, if not for the line out the door. More

A Sandwich a Day: Shahi Paneer Wrap at Tastee Curritos

A Sandwich a Day Paul Yee Post a comment

It's hard to stand out amongst the Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants that crowd Greenwich Village; Tastee Curritos distinguishes itself by inventing the "Currito," a clever portmanteau of "Curry" and "Burrito." More

Mexican Eats: Downtown Bakery

Scarlett Lindeman 2 comments

Downtown Bakery has been serving Mexican food in the East Village for almost twenty years. If you haven't eaten their burritos, swollen with refried black beans and crumbly orange rice, or indulged in the hangover obliterating powers of their huevos rancheros, then you've at least walked under the blue and white awning that shoots over the sidewalk. Downtown Bakery began as an Italian establishment, but over the years it's become a staple taqueria in the East Village. More

Dos Toros Taqueria: Mission-Style Burritos, As Good as California's?

Ed Levine 53 comments

Tacos, burritos, and superior quesadillas from a team of Bay Area brothers. Ed eats his way through the menu, with a bonus Chipotle head-to-head. More

Deal of the Day: Free Burritos at Baja Fresh

Carey Jones Post a comment

Print out a coupon from Baja Fresh's Facebook page, and get a free burrito today, between 2pm and 5:30pm, when you purchase a large drink. [via ML] 465 Lexington Avenue (map); 212-599-2252‎... More

Vendy Award Finalist: Calexico Cart

Zach Brooks Post a comment

Editor's note: On October 18th, street vendors from all around the city will converge on the Tobacco Warehouse in Dumbo, Brooklyn for this years Vendy Awards. Tickets are only $80 and every penny goes to benefit the Street Vendor Project,... More

Williamsburg, Take 2: Bonita

Ed Levine 2 comments

Bonita, owned by the same folks that own Marlowe & Sons and Diner, had terrific fish tacos, a fine heritage pork burrito, and creamy, well-spiced guacamole. The chicken in the chicken taco was a little dry, and I wish the... More

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