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Bronx Eats: A Trinidadian Steam Table in Soundview

For blocks in either direction on Westchester Avenue, you're more likely to find ancient but unpromising Greek diners, beat up bodegas, and fast food franchises than anything interesting. S&R Grocery and Deli offers one solution to the dilemma of where to eat if you're in the neighborhood and on the run, in the form of Trinidadian steam table fare. More

Bronx Eats: Jamaican Patties and Sweets at Royal Caribbean Bakery

Flatbush might be the destination du jour for Jamaican food in New York, but Bronxites know that there's a tasty patty or two to be had in Edenwald and Wakefield. One of the more celebrated takeout spots is Royal Carribbean Bakery, where you can get jerk chicken, brown pork, and other Jamaican standards for typically low prices. But it's the patties that people come for, and come they do. More

Bronx Eats: Back for Birria at Real Azteca

Birria—Mexican goat stew—is a rare treat in New York City, a blip on our culinary radar worth hunting down. So when we spotted the dish ($10, weekends only) on the menu at Real Azteca, whose heaping enchiladas michoacanas we featured on Bronx Eats two weeks ago, we knew we would have to investigate. It is, after all, what we believe to be the only regularly available bowl available in the borough. More

Bronx Eats: Revisiting Vietnamese in Bedford Park

Reading through last week's New York Diet by Ivan Orkin, I was surprised when I came across his casual mention of "a Vietnamese restaurant on Jerome Avenue." Not because of the location, but because my meals at the restaurant, recognizable as Com Tam Ninh Kieu, have been unanimously unimpressive. Still, his positive reference made me wonder, have I been I missing something? I returned to the restaurant to find out. More

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