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A Salt & Battery, New York's Top Fish and Chip Shop

Nick Solares 14 comments

Ten years after opening, A Salt & Battery remains New York's best fish and chip shop. More

The Vegetarian Option: Dear Bushwick

The Vegetarian Option Howard Walfish 1 comment

This self-described "English Country Kitchen" is a new addition to Bushwick's ever-growing restaurant scene, and it comes with some pleasant vegetarian (and even vegan) surprises. More

Market Tours: British Pork Pies, Scones, and Salad Cream at Myers of Keswick

Clara Inés Schuhmacher 7 comments

It's easy to walk by this adorable West Village shop, but you'd be missing out on a British expat's dream come to true. Take a tour of Myers of Keswick, which has been selling packaged goods and hot-from-the-oven scones to Brits for decades. More

Bar Eats: Jones Wood Foundry

Bar Eats Nancy Huang 1 comment

British pub fare gets a lot of flack, whether deservedly or undeservedly so, but the refined edge of Jones Wood Foundry has pushed its reputation in the right direction. The newly opened pub and restaurant serves British classics by partner-chef Jason Hicks, who betrays his English upbringing with a hint of French finesse from his years in fine dining restaurants. More

The Vegetarian Option: Tea & Sympathy

The Vegetarian Option Laura Togut 6 comments

The walls are lined with teacups, the counter is lined with cakes, and the staff are all very friendly and very British. Often you'll see a solitary expat sitting at one of the small tables nursing a plate of bangers and mash and a good book. It's no wonder that a place this charmingly British would win me over in an instant. More

New Jersey Dispatch: Must Visits, Part Two

BrianYarvin Post a comment

Last week, I gave you some of my picks for the best food in New Jersey; here's a bit more! Japanese Mitsuwa Marketplace seems to be the ultimate and only place for authentic Japanese. I've said it before and it... More

New Jersey Dispatch: The British Connection

BrianYarvin 2 comments

My heart sank when I read that The British Connection—the closest thing we have to a British megastore—started stocking “gourmet foods from around the world and fine cheeses.” I knew I’d better get down there before the place becomes... More

Making Toad in the Hole With Myers of Keswick Sausage

Barbara Hanson 3 comments

Or, "Why Did We Want Independence from This?" Myers of Keswick feels as though it has been looking out on Hudson Street forever, which, in Manhattan terms is true; the self-styled "Bastion of Albion in Manhattan," opened its doors 23... More

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