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The Vegetarian Option: Earl's Beer & Cheese

Tucked into a narrow stretch of Park Avenue, where the Metro North Railroad disappears underground, is where you'll find Earl's Beer & Cheese. The menu at Earl's changes seasonally, and currently features dishes like Mac and Cheese, Asian Gnocchi topped with cheese fries, and Earl's Eggo, a gourmet waffle with cheddar. You can wash down your food with any of the craft brews on tap or in cans; Earl's Beer & Cheese takes its name seriously. But the Mac & Cheese features shredded chicken, the gnocchi has ground beef, and that waffle is topped with foie gras and bacon along with those cheese fries. What is there for vegetarians? More

Bar Eats: Breukelen Bier Merchants

Part beer bar, part beer store, the newly opened Breukelen Bier Merchants puts the art of the craft brew on center stage here in Williamsburg. It's easy to lose track of time in a tasting room that sells more than 500 different bottles and 16 craft beers on tap, so make sure to temper all that beer drinking with some bar bites from their menu. More

Video: Bar Snacks Get a Makeover in Brooklyn

"Packaged of unshelled sunflower seeds. C'mon bars, gross. And boring!" says Agatha Kulaga of Ovenly, a creative kitchen in the Greenpoint neighborhood of Brooklyn. Agatha and her friend Erin Patinkin started the company about a year ago after being fed up with the predictable freebie bar munchies. They've crafted their own playful takes, like "the ultimate beer nut," a medley of peanuts, Worcestershire sauce, Old Bay, and bacon fat. They're really into bacon fat. More

Ardesia: A Neighborhood Wine Bar Worth Seeking Out

What I found at Ardesia was mostly so delicious that I'm kicking myself for not making my way there earlier. A wine bar with distinctive, carefully crafted food is a fairly rare specimen in this town, and that's just what Ardesia is. If I could walk to it from my apartment, I would be there once or twice a week. It's an adult place that's contemporary without seeming suffocatingly hip. More

Apps Only: Moto, Williamsburg

Editor's note: In "Apps Only," Ben Fishner will be eating his way through New York's appetizer, bar, and lounge menus as your guide to fine dining on a budget. Bulgarian feta salad. [Photos: Ben Fishner] More Apps Only Roebling... More

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