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Scenes From Texas Monthly's Barbecue Takeover at Hill Country

Ben Jay 5 comments

Following the success of their last New York pop-up with Franklin Barbecue, magazine Texas Monthly brought more barbecue to Hill Country Brooklyn last night with three different pitmasters off their Top 50 list. More

Hometown Barbecue Sings the Ballad of Beef Ribs

Max Falkowitz 7 comments

Hometown Barbecue feels like a well-loved, terribly-kept secret, serving some excellent smoked meat in a massive space on the Red Hook waterfront. More

So a Comedian Opens a Korean Barbecue Restaurant

Chris Hansen 6 comments

This Seoul-based chain is founded by comedian, MC, and former professional wrestler Kang Ho Dong, which may lead you to believe that Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong is something of a gag. But on my visit that couldn't be further from the case. More

Barbecue Royalty Heads to Chinatown: Scenes From Last Night's Brisket King of NYC

Eunice Choi 5 comments

Last night, barbecue enthusiasts lined up outside of The Firehouse on Lafayette Street, eagerly awaiting their access to over a dozen different type of brisket. The annual Brisket King of NYC event took place in Chinatown, with competition from New York's smoke houses, restaurants, and self-taught cooks. More

Arrogant Swine's Whole Hog Barbecue Opening in Brooklyn This Summer

First Look Chris E. Crowley 11 comments

Ready your bibs, New York: East Williamsburg is getting some whole hog barbecue. Tyson Ho, the Flushing-bred, North-Carolina-trained pit master, has confirmed that he'll be setting up a beer and barbecue hall at 173 Morgan Avenue to open this summer. More

First Impressions of Hometown Barbecue in Red Hook

Nick Solares 4 comments

Nearly 12 months after it was supposed to open, Hometown Barbecue has arrived in Red Hook. Here's our first taste of the 'cue, which, despite its possible flaws, holds great promise. More

A Sandwich a Day: Chopped Brisket at Mable's Smokehouse

A Sandwich a Day Max Falkowitz 4 comments

I can't say Mable's brisket is one of our favorite in the city, but their Chopped Brisket Sandwich ($9.95 with a side) is something I'd return for. More

The Serious Eats All Star NYC Barbecue Dream Team

Max Falkowitz 15 comments

What if we could take the best barbecue from around New York and combine it at one magic meat palace of a restaurant?What would such at place look like? Who'd be there? After plenty of research, beer-soaked debate, and antacids, we think we have our answer. More

The Hog Days of Summer: Tyson Ho's Whole Hog Barbecue in NYC

Joshua Bousel 21 comments

Skill, authenticity, and anticipation—these are the defining attributes of the new weekend series, The Hog Days of Summer, New York City's newest foray into bringing in some of the best in barbecue culture from the American south. More

Streets of Swine: The Big Apple Barbecue Block Party 2013

Joshua Bousel 3 comments

The Big Apple Barbecue Block Party may be a little settled into its ways, with the same pit masters coming back year after year, but this year proved that, even after 11 years, it's still one of the top barbecue events across the country.

The streets of New York paved in pork, after the jump.


Aaron Franklin Drops a Brisket Bomb at Hill Country's 'Pop-Up Joint'

Max Falkowitz 15 comments

Just a few days before the 11th annual Big Apple Barbecue, Aaron Franklin of Franklin Barbecue dropped by the Flatiron's Hill Country for a one-night taste of his crazy-delicious smoked meat. More

Smoke Signals from Jackson Heights at Alchemy, Texas

Max Falkowitz 12 comments

The first thing to notice in your average New York barbecue joint is the design. Earth tones. Distressed wood. Painstaking efforts to make the place feel more casual than its position in the ruthless New York restaurant world would suggest.

That's not the case at Alchemy, Texas, a barbecue joint in the back of an old man sports bar in Jackson Heights. The wood's been there for a while. So have the balding men drinking at the bar. I get the impression that the plastic red-checker tablecloths were bought to fancy up the place.

And the 'cue? On a good day, it's up there with some of New York's great smoked meat. On other days it disappoints. As the two-month-old spot settles into a groove with its customers and works through the quirks of its smoker, that success seems likely to improve. In the meantime, go early in the evening. And spring for the beef.


Delaney Barbecue's Smokeline on The High Line Serving Sandwiches, Ribs

J. Kenji López-Alt 5 comments

Brisket guy Dan Delaney recently opened up a sandwich stall on the High Line serving brisket sandwiches and ribs. How is it? Good—quite good. More

How To Make Real Barbecue at Home with Hill Country Chef Elizabeth Karmel

Behind the Scenes Laura Togut 11 comments

For those of us without yards or grills, making real barbecue sounds like a tough proposition. But at this year's New York Culinary Experience, Executive Chef of Texas-style Hill Country showed us how to do just that. More

Brisket at Alchemy, Texas Bodes Well for Queens Barbecue

Max Falkowitz Post a comment

When it comes to brisket, I've found that Queens barbecue falls behind its Manhattan and Brooklyn colleagues. But if my sample from the new Alchemy, Texas in Jackson Heights is an indication of future success, the scales are starting to level out. More

First Look: Fatty 'Cue Returns to Williamsburg

First Look Craig Cavallo Post a comment

After a long, long wait, Fatty 'Cue is back open in Williamsburg. More

First Look: Tres Carnes, Mexican-Flavored Barbecue with Texas Smoked Meat in the Flatiron

First Look Nick Solares 11 comments

Tres Carnes opened last week serving up a fusion of Mexican flavors and Texas-style smoked meats using the (dare I say it?) Chipotle service model. If the concept sounds familiar, the barbecue has a stronger pedigree than you may suspect—the restaurant has enlisted Mike Rodriguez as pit master, who spent almost a decade running the pits at the legendary Salt Lick in Texas. More

Open Thread: Your Best Barbecue Bites in NYC?

The Serious Eats Team 25 comments

New York hardly ranks with the best of America's barbecue cities, but you can't deny that we're getting better. Which has us wondering: what do you think is the best barbecue in the city? Not just your favorite pit joint, but the best brisket, ribs, and pulled pork around town? More

A Sandwich a Day: Rueben at John Brown Smokehouse

A Sandwich a Day Renata Yagolnitzer 3 comments

An especially hefty Reuben that uses the best of John Brown Smokehouse's barbecue offerings. More

Mighty Quinn's: Has NYC Barbecue Come of Age?

Ed Levine 31 comments

Until Mighty Quinn's opened its doors, here are the words I would use to describe the better barbecue joints in town: sincere, well-meaning, tasty, digitally derived from copious sampling across the country, deferential, and stylistically derivative. Most people would come out any one of a half-dozen cue joints in town and say, "Hey, that was good barbecue, for New York." It'd be the culinary equivalent of damning with faint praise.

But the the arrival of pitmaster Hugh Mangum's East Village restaurant creates a new standard for barbecue in New York City. Smoked meat that is good—not just for New York—but for barbecue fans everywhere.


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