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Good Bread: Balthazar Bakery

In 1997, Balthazar opened its doors on Spring Street. Downstairs in the basement, a corner was set aside for a little bread-making operation. On the first day, every table was decorated with a basket containing house-made breads: a baguette, a whole wheat, a rye, and so on. Fifteen years later, nearly identical loaves are still sold by the Balthazar Bakery, which has grown to be one of the city's biggest and most consistently excellent artisan bakeries. More

5 Apple Desserts We Love

Come fall, all I can think about are apples. Mainly apple pie, in about a dozen different forms, but sometimes you have to branch out. Apples in turnovers, or paired with cinnamon and dusted in powdered sugar—or turned into sorbet and served alongside butterscotch panna cotta. Here are five apple desserts we love; let us know if we've missed yours! More

5 Caramelized Desserts We Love

Who doesn't love the delicate, sweet crunch of a lightly caramelized surface? There's nothing like the satisfying tap of spoon on sugar before you make your way into a deep bowl of custard and pudding. A sprinkle of sugar, a light torch or a trip in the broiler; that simple touch makes all the difference. More

Lunch for One: Balthazar Bakery

Warmer weather means outdoor eating, and one of my favorite places to grab a quick lunch to-go in Soho with guaranteed seating at benches right outside is Balthazar Bakery. Sink in your teeth into their into one of their two savory croissant sandwiches ($7.25 each). My heart lies with the fresh Asparagus and Mushroom, oozing Gruyere; but for something meatier, the Ham and B├ęchamel combination is just as good. More

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