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Bronx Eats: Top Notch Burek at Giovanni's, Arthur Avenue

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley 2 comments

Tony & Tina's produces a long-celebrated burek on Arthur Avenue, but Giovanni's supplants it as the top phyllo snack in the neighborhood. More

Bronx Eats: For Your New Year's Hangover, Homemade Cotechino on Arthur Avenue

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley 2 comments

New Years is the time to find cotechino, the bright red Italian sausage with serious porky flavor, and Vincent's on Arthur Avenue is where you can find the good stuff. More

Bronx Eats: Holiday Party Favors On Arthur Avenue

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley 2 comments

Cured meat, cheese, cannoli and more: a shopping guide to Arthur Avenue's busy pre-Christmas season. More

Bronx Eats: A Mighty But Disappointing Sandwich At Mike's Deli, Arthur Avenue

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley 4 comments

One thing you can say Mike's has going for them is an enormous variety of sandwiches, clocking in at over 50. A promising one, the King David, advertised soppresata with "chunks of Parmesan," roasted red bell peppers peppers, and basil. My order provoked a timid acknowledgement of approval: "That's a big breakfast. It's a good way to start the week." It's big, alright. But big doesn't always mean great. More

Bronx Eats: Hot Flat Sopressata at Calabria Pork Store, Arthur Avenue

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley 4 comments

Calabria Pork Store is a Bronx treasure, home to hot soppresata that stands among the city's great sausages. More

Bronx Eats: Snack on Bocconcini (Fresh Mozzarella Balls) on Arthur Avenue

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley 3 comments

Like the superhero's sidekick, a bunch of bocconcini, bite-sized mozzarella balls, is just the thing to tide you over on a stroll down Arthur Avenue. More

Where To Eat Near The Bronx Zoo

Chris E. Crowley 3 comments

When it comes to the Bronx, everyone talks about Arthur Avenue. But few know that there are some tasty options for munching near the Bronx Zoo—aside from the standard, often underwhelming Italian-American sit-downs over in Fordham-Belmont. From roti in Allerton to Albanian burek on Arthur Avenue and Yemeni food in Van Nest, there are plenty of interesting options. So if you're heading up to the Bronx to hang with the gorillas and the giraffes this summer, make sure to check out our guide to what's worth eating close by first. More

Date Night: Roberto's

Date Night Jessica Allen and Garrett Ziegler Post a comment

What makes an old-school, family-centric restaurant good for a couple is its very sense of familiarity. Perhaps you grew up with a go-to family spot, one where you celebrated practically every milestone you can remember. Or perhaps you'd like to find such a spot with a current paramour, where you might even take your own kids one day. For plenty of diners, Roberto's is just that kind of establishment, consistent and comfortable, a place to pass down. More

Burek at Tony & Tina's, the Bronx

Chris E. Crowley 3 comments

While their pizza should be avoided, Tony and Tina's excellent burek should be on your agenda next time you hit Arthur Avenue. Local businessmen Nine and Nike Khatazi have owned the Pizzeria for 6 years. Like a growing number of Italian restaurant and pizzeria owners, the Khatazis are Albanian, a result of cultural affinity and, for many, years spent in Italian refugee camps. More

A Sandwich A Day: Cemita from Estrellita Poblana III

A Sandwich a Day Chris E. Crowley 3 comments

Of the three sandwiches offered by Estrellita Poblano III, a Mexican holdout on Arthur Avenue that caters to the area's burgeoning Latino community, the clear winner is the cemita ($6.50). More

Cannoli at Egidio's in the Bronx

Chichi Wang Post a comment

[Photo: Chichi Wang] On a recent trip to the Bronx's Arthur Avenue area, I dropped by Egidio's Pastry Shop on East 187th Street to inquire about their cannoli. While Egidio's also sells pre-filled cannoli, it's their freshly filled ones... More

Sfogliatelle in the Bronx's Little Italy

Chichi Wang 13 comments

[Photo: Chichi Wang] I've never had a sfogliatella that was amazing, though Ed tells me that there are delicious ones in Naples, where they're eaten fresh out of the oven. That the sfogliatelle in the United States have been... More

A Sandwich a Day: Big Mike Combo at Mike's Deli in The Bronx

A Sandwich a Day Chichi Wang 4 comments

Located in the historic Arthur Avenue market in the Bronx, Mike's Deli doesn't scrimp on its subs. Eight dollars will get you the Big Mike's Combo, a meat-on-meat hero with densely packed layers of mortadella, ham, salami, capicola, and provolone. More

Yankee Stadium Loses Sandwich Subway Series

Ed Levine Post a comment

My friend Roy took me to the Yankee game last Friday night, and not only are his seats fantastic, fifteen rows back to the right of home plate, but they are fifty feet from the Arthur Avenue and Carl's Cheese... More

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