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A Must-Eat Arepa in Bushwick

A Sandwich a Day Niki Achitoff-Gray 1 comment

With plate glass windows and no liquor license to speak of, Arepera Guacuco seems to occupy an in-between space in the Bushwick restaurant scene, neither precursor to nor byproduct of the neighborhood's gentrification. It's a category unto itself, a cheerful space decorated with Venezuelan chachkies that has earned a loyal local following on the merit of its small, traditional menu of affordable, exceedingly well-executed arepas. More

Arepas Cafe: Quality Arepas in Astoria

Paul Yee 1 comment

Arepas Cafe's arepas are thin and overstuffed, with fillings like pulled pork with cheese and avocado or stewed chicken with peppers and tomatoes. More

A Sandwich a Day: Cheese Patacon at Patacon Pisao

A Sandwich a Day Max Falkowitz 2 comments

[Photo: Max Falkowitz] The Venezuelan plaintain sandwiches at Patacon Pisao are like drunk food for sober people. Hefty fried plantains are smashed, then fried again to get extra crispy, then used as the sandwich "bread" for a variety of... More

Behind The Scenes: Caracas Arepa Bar

Laura Togut 5 comments

We love Caracas Arepa Bar and their delicious Venezuelan arepas. We stopped by the Brooklyn location of Caracas and spent some time in the kitchen in order to witness the mysteries of arepa-making first hand and share them with you. More

A Sandwich a Day: La Chiquinquira and El Venezolano at El Cocotero

A Sandwich a Day Will Levitt Post a comment

When I walked into El Cocotero, a small Venezuelan restaurant in Chelsea, and ordered the El Venezolano Sandwich, the waitress refused. "You don't want that as a sandwich," she said, "you want it as an arepa." I decided to order both and see for myself. More

The Vegetarian Option: Caracas Arepa Bar

The Vegetarian Option Laura Togut 7 comments

Caracas is my East Village no-fail. The Venezuelan arepas are authentic, delicious, and reasonably cheap; the atmosphere is casual and friendly. If you're a friend of mine and we've gone out to eat more than once, odds are I've taken you here. And vegetarian-friendly? As much as you could possibly hope for and then some. More

A Sandwich A Day: Cachapas from Cachapas Y Mas

A Sandwich a Day Jenny Lee-Adrian 3 comments

Baby corn cakes used like slabs of bread for a sandwich? I'll definitely try that. More

Apps Only: Guayoyo

Apps Only Ben Fishner Post a comment

The menu of small plates at East Village Venezuelan restaurant Guayoyo includes not just tapas but also salads and arepas--the variety gives it a big leg up over Caracas up the street. It's reasonably priced to boot, and while restaurants don't get much more casual, the service is both friendly and professional. More

Off the Beaten Path: Patacon Pisao's Carne Mechada Patacón

Joe DiStefano 4 comments

"Shredded beef, special sauce, ketchup, mayo, lettuce, fried cheese, on a double-fried plantain bun." [Photos: Joe DiStefano] The name of this Venezuelan joint in Elmhurst, Queens, translates to "flattened plantain." Guess the otherwise happy looking plantain on the awning is... More

Chicken Salad Arepa and A Plate of Beef and Beans from Cafe 81

Robyn Lee Post a comment

Chicken salad isn't something I think of as a crave-worthy food, but that's probably because I haven't eaten the Venezuelan version often enough. Aside from beef, cheese, and chicken-filled arepas, Cafe 81 in the East Village serves a reina... More

El Cocotero: A Venezuelan Neighborhood Restaurant That Fills A Need

Ed Levine 6 comments

I had not heard of or read about El Cocatero. Even googling it shed virtually no light on the restaurant. But Serious Eater Michele Humes shamed me into paying a visit there for the crispy green plaintain sandwich, patacones maracuchos, and goat. Even better, it was a mere ten minutes from Serious Eats World HQ. More

Beef and Plantain-Filled Arepas from Shachi's

Robyn Lee 2 comments

When I told the waiter that my friend and I were going to share a bunch of arepas—Venezuelan sandwich-like cornmeal patties stuffed with meats, cheese, and more—he looked at us like we were crazy. "Uh, how many do you... More

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