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A Seat at the Bar: The Odeon

At a joint like The Odeon, whose neons have lit Tribeca since 1980, dining at the bar whets the senses. The historic restaurant takes its name from the U.K. cinema chain, but the word itself is as old as ancient Greek theater. And so it seems only fitting to think of the bar as balcony seating, offering the full sweep of the drama of a night out in New York. More

Khe-Yo's Lao Food Needs to Kick up the Spice

The best thing I ate at Khe-Yo, a restaurant serving Laotian food by way of Tribeca, was a complimentary serving of sticky rice that had me reeling. It held together in tight balls and carried a faint floral perfume. Two sauces were served alongside for dunking balls of rice with your fingers: one an inky pile of eggplant cooked down into a thick paste, the other thin and full of sliced chilies, a roar of heat and fish sauce and garlic that kept me reaching for water for the rest of the night. But tongue ablaze, I kept dunking and dunking. I hid the sauce when they tried to take it away. I asked for more rice and did it all over again.

The menu implores you to eat it with your hands, saying the rice tastes better that way. I wish the rest of the food delivered the same rush.


Khe-Yo's Chef Soulayphet Schwader on Laotian Cuisine and the Perfect Bite

For a city that seems to pride itself on our diversity and regional cuisine, there's been a gaping hole in our restaurant map where Laotian food should be, and Chef Phet Schwader is helping us with that at Khe-Yo. He doesn't really care if you've never heard of Laotian cuisine before, just that you come in with an open mind and the capability for a little bit of play. Here he talks with us about why he wants to share the cuisine he grew up eating. More

In the Kitchen with Ryan Tate: Behind the Scenes of Le Restaurant's Tasting Menu

At the recently opened Le Restaurant below All Good Things Market in Tribeca, the $100 6-course tasting menu is "no choice / no substitutions," and changes daily depending on what Chef Ryan Tate feels like cooking and what's at peak season, literally, today. We hung out in the kitchen with Tate, owner Ryan Wittels and the team, to give you a glimpse on what's happening below the market. More

A Sandwich a Day: Sabich at Nish Nush

You can think of Sabich as breakfast falafel: fried eggplant, egg, salad, and yogurt all stuffed into pita. That pita's a big part of what makes the sandwich, and at Nish Nush in Tribeca, it's made daily. It's light and springy, but strong enough to hold all the traditional components of a sabich. More

Steakcraft: Marc Forgione's Deceptively Complex Tomahawk Rib Steak

"What's more simple than cooking a steak?" asks Marc Forgione rhetorically of his dry aged tomahawk rib steak. And to Forgione it is simple, elemental even. It would be for you as well if your father was Larry Forgione, one of the deans of modern American cuisine, and if you had worked in restaurant kitchens your whole life before opening your own restaurant. More

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