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9 Warm Chocolate Desserts We Love in NYC

There's a season for everything, and the first few months of each year are the season for warm chocolate desserts. From the silky hot fudge that tops ice cream sundaes and soft-serve filled eclairs, to molten chocolate cakes (and one with a molten green tea-white chocolate interior!), we've got you covered. Check out nine warm chocolate desserts we love this winter. More

Midnight Snack: Where to Get Late-Night Milk and Cookies Downtown

If you're like me, deep down, you know that Santa Claus is real without a shred of doubt in your heart. (It simply makes sense that an immortal yet overweight elderly man would have the back strength to slide down a chimney and deliver presents to all 7 billion of us in a single night.) If you're a naysayer, just know that you're rebuking one of your own—Kris Kringle is a food lover, and his voracious appetite for hours-long nocturnal cookie-and-milk binges proves it. Holiday season is cookie season, and in this city, night owls can take advantage of bakeries offering twilight confections. More

Sugar Rush: Ovaltine Ice Cream at Spot Desert Bar

I've always thought the ice creams at Spot Dessert Bar, often overshadowed by "dessert tapas," deserve a little more attention. They come in flavors like Vietnamese Coffee, Condensed Milk, Green Tea, and, of course, Ovaltine. It's the latter I've been craving, either to-go or to stay when it's quiet in the afternoons. More

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