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Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Richard Gibbs' Staten Island

It's not uncommon for chefs working in trendy restaurants located in trendy neighborhoods to live nowhere near where they spend long hours in front of the stove. When Richard Gibbs, the executive chef at Battery Harris in Williamsburg, isn't cooking up what he calls Afro-Latino cuisine or bottling his own barbecue sauces, he's spending time on Staten Island. Here's where he goes to eat. More

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Alain Allegretti's Chelsea

French-born chef Alain Allegretti has lived in the Financial District and the Upper East Side but it's in Chelsea, where he's lived for three years, that he feels at home. There are galleries, the High Line and of course, plenty of places to eat. When he's not at his restaurant, Bistro La Promenade, which is located in the iconic London Terrace, he's often out supporting local businesses. Allegretti shared some of his favorites with Serious Eats this week. More

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Andy Choi's Kensington and Park Slope, Brooklyn

Put some popcorn in front of Andy Choi, the executive chef of Cherry, and he's hooked. Give him a Jameson neat with the popcorn and he couldn't be much happier. While Choi has worked in kitchens from upscale places like Le Cirque to downtown's trendy Momofuku Ssam Bar, he simply craves good, unfussy food when he's home in Kensington, Brooklyn. He moved the to changing neighborhood a few months ago, and with a few stops in nearby Park Slope, Choi chatted with us about his favorite spots. More

Michael Psilakis' Guide to Greek Food and Ingredients in New York City

You could call Michael Psilakis one of New York's ambassadors of Greek cuisine. As the son of a first generation traditional Greek family on Long Island, Psilakis learned to roast whole lambs on a spit at a young age, and these days is busy maintaining his restaurants in the city and surrounding area. After the jump: his guide to the best Greek shopping and eating in the city. More

Larry Reutens' Guide to Singaporean and Malaysian Food and Ingredients in NYC

Manhattan can call Larry Reutens one of Singapore's culinary ambassadors to the city. Masak is one of very restaurants in New York that serves Reutens' native food, but it's not Singaporean the way his grandmother made it. "When I cook, I try to marry those traditional flavors with what I can find here at the farmers market or whatever is in season, rather than trying to replicate them entirely." Reutens shared his favorite shopping spots with us, along with some restaurants that offer a taste of home. More

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