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Dinner at the Brooklyn Sandwich Society: Small Plates Full of Surprises

Paul Yee 1 comment

The food at the Brooklyn Sandwich Society isn't always perfect, but it's very often delicious and absolutely affordable (come dinner). Perhaps it's best to enter with casual expectations and let the surprises come as they may. More

Breakfast at Bklyn Larder, Park Slope

Breakfast Carey Jones 1 comment

I have a complicated relationship with Bklyn Larder in that I love basically everything they make, bake, or stock, but can't make a habit out of buying $9-pint ice cream or $29/lb cheeses. So it's a very pleasant surprise that their new breakfast menu is gently priced. What's not surprising: that it's all excellent. More

First Look: 6 New Sandwiches at No. 7 Sub in Greenpoint

Aaron Arizpe Post a comment

Tyler Kord understands that proper sub construction is as much a craft as it is an art. He's got ideas for days, and he's not afraid to swim against the current of bánh mì and burgers. Check out the slideshow above to see six of Kord's quirky creations now available in his new Greenpoint shop More

New Sandwiches at 'wichcraft

Lauren Rothman 7 comments

For a taste of Craft without the hefty pricetag, Tom Colicchio's 'wichcraft sandwiches are a reliable workday lunch. They're built on fresh bread from the same high-quality ingredients used in Colicchio's restaurants, and while probably more expensive than your bodega, also probably an awful lot better. This season, 'wichcraft has introduced two new choices, as well as brought back three of their most popular sandwiches, so they're back on the winter menu. We tasted them all; check out what we thought! More

A Sandwich a Day: Heritage Pork "Raguboy" from Sauce

A Sandwich a Day Rob Sobotnik Post a comment

A new edition to the Lower East Side, Sauce, is serving up Italian-American style sandwiches done right. More

First Look: Breakfast Sandwiches at City Sandwich

Carey Jones 1 comment

When we first tried City Sandwich in Hell's Kitchen, we loved their crisp, sandwich-perfect crusty bread (from a Portuguese bakery in New Jersey), the unusual sausages they often use, and the general construction of their sandwiches: stuffed full but never overstuffed. More

A Sandwich a Day: 'Grilled Cheese' at Five Guys

A Sandwich a Day Carey Jones 15 comments

So I won't go so far as to say that vegetarians should seek out the grilled cheese sandwich ($2.95) at burger chain Five Guys. But it is better than an awful lot of meatless options out there. More

A Sandwich a Day: Brisket at No. 7 Sub

A Sandwich a Day James Boo Post a comment

Brisket with Chinese mustard and pickled mushrooms is one of the current lineup's more intuitive combinations. The sub's slow-cooked beef brisket—plenty moist, well-salted, and laced with just enough rendered fat to stay on the "juicy" side of the grease line—is barely contained by No. 7's custom roll. More

A Sandwich a Day: Grilled Portobello Sandwich at Loreley Biergarten, Williamsburg

A Sandwich a Day Lauren Sloss 1 comment

There are many things I expect from a quality biergarten—super-sized servings of beer, good pretzels, great sausage. A vegetarian sandwich is usually not on my high list of things to try. But that all changed with the grilled portobello sandwich ($11) at Loreley Biergarten in Williamsburg. More

A Sandwich a Day: The Filomena At Lorimer Market

A Sandwich a Day Lauren Sloss Post a comment

Meatball subs are easy enough to find in New York; really good meatball subs can be a little harder to come by. So when we stumble on a winner, we often find it's worth going back for a second taste. More

A Sandwich A Day: Chicken Sandwich at La Nueva Bakery, Jackson Heights

A Sandwich a Day Lauren Sloss Post a comment

On a recent visit to La Nueva Bakery in Jackson Heights for pastries and empanadas, I couldn't help but sample the massive chicken sandwich ($5.50). More

A Sandwich a Day: Tuna, Egg, and Anchovy at Bklyn Larder

A Sandwich a Day Carey Jones 1 comment

I can count the number of memorable cold tuna sandwiches I've ever had on one hand, but am not at all surprised that Bklyn Larder makes a fabulous one. More

A Sandwich A Day: The Goat Cheese Panino at Balaboosta

A Sandwich a Day J. Kenji López-Alt Post a comment

Also great on their lunch menu: the Goat Cheese Panino ($12), which comes with a well-dressed arugula salad. A really good split ciabatta with a nice crisp crust and tender crumb with just enough chew gets stuffed with goat cheese, sweet roasted red peppers, grilled planks of zucchini, and kalamata olives with a tasteful smear of pesto (I can't stand an over-pestoed sandwich). More

A Sandwich A Day: Greek Salad Sandwich with Garlicky Tzatziki at Prune

A Sandwich a Day J. Kenji López-Alt 3 comments

To call the Greek Salad Sandwich at Prune a sandwich is a bit of a stretch. More like a big bruschetta, if you ask me. A thin slice of toasted baguette gets smeared with a layer of creamy tzatziki, followed by slices of green bell pepper and slivers of Kalamata olives. When I see Greek Salad on a menu this time of year, I immediately assume it'll be some really awesome chunks of heirloom tomato in there, this being tomato season and all, but alas, it was not the case. More

A Sandwich A Day: Italian Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Sub at Saluggi's

A Sandwich a Day Zoe Bain Post a comment

The Italian Sausage and Broccoli Rabe Sub at Saluggi's in Tribeca is satisfying and tasty, meat and greens inside a sesame seed hero roll that hails from a New Jersey bakery. More

A Sandwich A Day: Bagel Sandwiches at Olde Brooklyn Bagel Shoppe

A Sandwich a Day Carey Jones 1 comment

Everything's done right: the egg flat and set but just a little soft in the very middle; the bacon thick, crisp-edged but still chewy; the cheese melted between bagel and egg. More

A Sandwich A Day: 'Merques' at Black Iris

A Sandwich a Day Hannah Smith-Drelich Post a comment

A good merguez is hard to find. Thin and serpentine or broad and crumbly, this lamb or lamb-and-beef sausage can be too easily over-spiced and overcooked. The Merques sandwich ($7.50) at Black Iris in Fort Greene is none of the above. More

A Sandwich a Day: Sheep Station's Chicken Sandwich

A Sandwich a Day Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

Also known as the Chook Sandwich, the grilled chicken sandwich from Sheep Station in Park Slope starts with a split ciabatta, the halves lightly toasted. Creamy, slightly salted, avocado puree is smeared on the top bun; on the bottom, a lime-curry mayo. More

A Sandwich A Day: The Gallego at Despaña

A Sandwich a Day Ed Levine 1 comment

What I like most about the various bocadillos at Despaña, the Spanish food market (and prepared food counter) in Soho, is how well they manage the ratio of filling to bread. These are intensely flavored fillings, generally cured meats and powerful cheeses, so you don't need too much of them; at the same time, they're not just a single paper-thin sheet of ham on bread. They're perfectly composed sandwiches. More

A Sandwich a Day: Meatball Melt at Murray's Cheese

A Sandwich a Day Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

Two thick slices of a Pullman's loaf flank mozzarella-laced meatballs, a ladle of tomato sauce, and sliced provolone cheese. A brief visit in the panini press and out comes a messy, fantastically indulgent sandwich. More

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