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We Chat with Pichet Ong of Sugar and Plumm

Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

Chef Pichet Ong of Sugar and Plumm wears many hats and seems to have three dozen to-do lists. A self-taught chef in both the savory and pastry worlds, his work has garnered him many awards, and his products dazzle and delight the young and young at heart. We caught up with Chef Ong at the new upper west side location of Sugar and Plumm to talk about where all the energy comes from and what's most important to him in and out of the kitchen. More

First Look: Qi Thai Grill, Sripraphai and Pichet Ong's Williamsburg Restaurant

First Look Paul Yee Post a comment

Williamsburg has a new neighborhood Thai restaurant with some surprising players: dessert star Pichet Ong and Sripraphai of the celebrated eponymous restaurant in Queens. More

Coppelia: The 24-Hour Cuban Diner We Didn't Know We Needed

Carey Jones 11 comments

Some restaurants open to fill a clear need—and some restaurants strike a note so right that they seem as if they were needed all along. I didn't know that 14th Street needed a 24-hour Cuban diner, polished but homey, Latin-and-American, with cheery yellow walls and remarkable desserts and Maná and Juanes as the soundtrack. But now that I've been, it seems the most logical idea in the world. More

Sugar Rush: Spot's Condensed Milk Ice Cream

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

[Photo: Kathy YL Chan] Spot Dessert Bar is best know for its dessert tapas, Pichet Ong's creatives takes on sweets such as the Yuzu Eskimo . But for the times when you'd rather not sit for a full service... More

Sugar Rush: Spot's Peanut Butter Cookie

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 6 comments

[Photo: Kathy Chan] There's plenty of salt in these cookies, and even more Maldon sprinkled on top. Crunch, crunch, Spot's Peanut Butter Cookie ($1.75) is crisp from end to end with plenty of crushed peanuts between bites. Peanut butter... More

The Dessert Files: A Second Look at the Village Tart

Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

[Photo: Kathy Chan] We brought you a first look at Village Tart in Soho two weeks ago. And now we're back for another sweep through. Baked goods have been tweaked, the savory dishes have been added. And the madeleines—remember... More

The Dessert Files: Village Tart

Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

"There were too many baked glories to explore at this bakery counter—I'll definitely be coming back for more." [Photo: Kathy Chan] Soho's Village Tart opened up last week with a selection of sweets at the bakery counter. Spotted: Nutella skillet... More

Housemade Sodas at Pichet Ong's Spot

Kathy YL Chan 2 comments

[Photo: Kathy Chan] We brought you the first word on Pichet Ong's new East Village "Spot" last week and promised we'd be back with more on the housemade sodas, which have since made their way on to the permanent... More

Sugar Rush: Spot's Jackfruit Cake with Rum Toffee and Coconut

Sugar Rush Joe DiStefano Post a comment

"Asians love glitter." —Pichet Ong [Photo: Spot] Normally I'm not a dessert guy, but yesterday I stopped by Pichet Ong's Spot, which Kathy reviewed earlier today, for one of the chef's seasonal desserts: jackfruit cake with rum toffee and coconut.... More

The Dessert Files: A First Look at Pichet Ong's 'Spot'

Kathy YL Chan 5 comments

[Photos: Kathy Chan] My heart was beating so fast when I left Pichet Ong's newly opened East Village dessert shop Spot yesterday evening, I had to find a bench and sit down for a minute. My fault. I had... More

Pichet Ong Gives Students A New Perspective on Sweet and Savory

Allison Hemler 4 comments

Maldon Salt. Chevre. Bacon. Basil. Arugula. Stilton Blue Cheese. Ever considered making desserts with any of these ingredients? P*ONG owner and pastry chef, Iron Chef America guest, and cookbook author Pichet Ong headed a class at the Institute of... More

Pumpkin Sugar Rush: Pumpkin Maple Rum Cupcakes at Batch

Carey Jones Post a comment

Editor's note: Every afternoon we like to post a short Sugar Rush to end your day. Think of it as the dessert to your daily blog reading. Plus, as an added bonus, every day between now and Halloween these Sugar... More

Sweet Ticket Giveaway, Week 3: Pichet Ong's Guilty Pleasure Sweet

Ed Levine Closed

On October 11, 41 of the greatest pastry chefs and bakers in the city will converge for the New York Wine & Food Festival's Sweet dessert party. Tickets are $175 in advance, but we have two more pairs to give away this week. More

Sugar Rush: Pichet Ong's Yuzu Lime Flowers

Sugar Rush Zach Brooks 1 comment

Editor's note: I don't know how things work at your office, but around this time of day, our collective sweet tooth starts acting up at Serious Eats HQ. Enter Sugar Rush. Every afternoon, we'll point you to some sweet something—so... More

What's What at Batch, Pichet Ong's New Bakery

Adam Kuban Post a comment

Grub Street has an annotated still life with baked goods that illustrates the goodies on offer at Batch, Pichet Ong's new bakery Batch, including foie gras dog biscuits. Batch: 150B West 10th Street, New York NY 10014 (Greenwich Village; map)... More

Thai Restaurant Hunting This Weekend

Ed Levine 10 comments

Photograph by Robyn Lee I recently interviewed Pichet Ong, chef-owner of P*ong and the author of The Sweet Spot, Asian-Inspired Desserts, and the subject of Thai restaurants in New York City came up. I told him about Thai Market,... More

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