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New Jersey Dispatch: Patel Brothers Supermarket

BrianYarvin 13 comments

While I was very excited about last week's piece on 99¢ curries—and cheap food is always at least a bit exciting—I fear that it failed to mention enough about the place where I bought those curries in the first... More

New Jersey Dispatch: 99-Cent Swad Micro Curries Tasting

BrianYarvin 15 comments

I really wanted to write about Patel Brothers, the Indian grocery chain with a strong presence near me in New Jersey. I really did, but something I found while shopping there stopped me dead in my tracks: 99¢ packages... More

Global Grocery Shopping in Jackson Heights at Patel Brothers and More

Barbara Hanson 2 comments

My 2009 Resolutions: 1. Refrain from, when in an unfamiliar neighborhood outside Manhattan, calling husband and saying, "We could live here. Totally. I love it!" 2. To consider not only my own health but that of Serious Eaters, and... More

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