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Poll: Panettone, Way or No Way?

The Serious Eats Team 58 comments

At Serious Eats: New York, we've been on a hunt for good panettone, and have found a few we like: a tender fruitless version from Eataly and a plump raisin-studded number from Sullivan Street Bakery. But we know from past panettone coverage that the soft sweet loaf is a terribly polarizing foodstuff. Tell us: do you like panettone? » More

Holiday Breakfast: Fresh Panettone from Grandaisy Bakery

Carey Jones 4 comments

I didn’t realize how polarizing panettone could be until this post two weeks ago. “A joyless mass of dry cake polluted with unpleasant bits of dried fruit”? Harsh words from the Guardian. I’ve always been a fan of panettone,... More

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