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Mexican Eats: Tamales and More at La Güera, Sunset Park

Scarlett Lindeman 1 comment

The tamales from La Güera, a modest taqueria in Sunset Park, are fantastic renditions of a perfect, portable food. Tamales ($1.50) sit at the front in an Igloo cooler, all the easier peddle to pedestrians and still warm at midday. There are smoky mole tamales with dark black centers, cheese and green chili versions, and sweet pineapple-infused tamales that sometimes hold dried plums. But the phenomenal banana leaf-wrapped oaxaqueño tamales that are cause for celebration. More

A Sandwich a Day: Pambazo at Tacos Xochimilco

A Sandwich a Day Carey Jones 1 comment

Eating a sandwich, in most cases, goes like this: pick up sandwich with hands; bite into sandwich with mouth. If you tackle the Pambazo ($6) at Tacos Xochimilco in this way, however, you'll end up with bright red fingers and a sauce-smeared nose. More

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