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Himalayan Yak in Jackson Heights Finally Serves Yak

Joe DiStefano 3 comments

Photographs by Dan Kim You’d think a joint named Himalayan Yak would serve the meat of long-haired bovines that roam the mountainous rooftop of the world. However, until Tuesday night the restaurant substituted beef in many dishes traditionally made... More

Off the Beaten Path: Wafa's Authentic Mediterranean Food

Joe DiStefano 8 comments

Wafa’s Authentic Mediterranean Food is an apt name for this tiny Forest Hills storefront. But this joint could just as well be called Wafa's Soul Food or Wafa's Home Cooking because that's exactly the type of grub you'll find... More

Off the Beaten Path: Beyond Dosai at Flushing’s Southern Spice

Joe DiStefano 8 comments

I love dosa. What’s better than a crunchy, ghee-greased conical crepe packed with spiced potatoes? It's so delicious that I’ve often wondered whether there's more to South Indian food. Until this week, I've never seen a dish besides dosa... More

Off the Beaten Path: Rabbit Season in Flushing Chinatown

Joe DiStefano 2 comments

Yes, I know it’s the Year of the Ox and I should probably be eating long noodles and other auspicious fare, but as far as I’m concerned it’s rabbit season in Flushing’s Chinatown. In the past I’ve had little... More

Off the Beaten Path: Fresh Masa and Italian Tamales at Tortilleria Nixtamal in Corona

Joe DiStefano 1 comment

With so many Mexicans living and working in Corona you’d think that a new tortilleria wouldn’t be that big of a deal. Chowhound's buzz about Tortilleria Nixtamal indicated otherwise though, and inspired me to take a hike from my... More

Off the Beaten Path: Chifa La Union, Peruvian-Chinese Food in Corona

Joe DiStefano Post a comment

As far as MSG goes, I'm with Jeffrey Steingarten. There's no such thing as “Chinese restaurant syndrome.” I'll be sure to report back if I experience chifa syndrome though.. Before anyone gets the wrong idea about this place, I should... More

Off the Beaten Path: Seasoned Small Crab at Assi Plaza

Joe DiStefano 2 comments

New Jersey’s Mitsuwa is to Japanese food what Flushing's Assi Plaza is to Korean cuisine. Both are Wal-Mart sized megastores that sell all manner of dry goods, fruit, vegetables, meats, fish, condiments, and cooking equipment, and it even boasts... More

Hooray for Yuk Hwe: Korea’s Answer to Steak Tartare

Joe DiStefano Post a comment

Despite my seriously adventurous tastes, there’s one area I haven’t explored much: raw meat. Until very recently the only uncooked animal flesh I’ve ever partaken in has been liver sashimi and Ethiopian kitfo. The liver was sort of slimy... More

Off the Beaten Path: Kathi Rolls and Chicken 65 at Delhi Heights

Joe DiStefano 8 comments

While strolling through Jackson Heights about a month ago I noticed that the original location of Kababish, a ramshackle kebab joint, was getting a decidedly upscale redo. With curiosity and appetite piqued, I checked back every so often to... More

Off the Beaten Path: Bone-In Uzbeki Meat Pie

Joe DiStefano 1 comment

Bone handle makes meat pie eating easy! As a resident of the Queens nabe known as Rego Park-istan, due to its high concentration of Uzbekis and other Central Asian immigrants, I’m no stranger to the savory pies known as... More

Off the Beaten Path: Cemitas at Taqueria Coatzingo

Joe DiStefano 2 comments

Editor's note: Nobody knows the outer boroughs like our man Joe DiStefano, who takes great joy in walking the gustatory road less traveled. Last week it was guinea pig in Jackson Heights, this week it's cemitas in, well- Jackson Heights... More

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