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Slurped: Of Far-Out Korean Rice Cakes

Chichi Wang 11 comments

This week I thought I would share with you a story of two very different Korean rice cake dishes, at two very different restaurants. I don't know what the moral of the story is, only that the dishes could not have been more different: one makes Korean rice cakes the subject of culinary art; the other smothers them in melted cheese. More

Duck Lunch at Momofuku Ssäm Bar

Carey Jones 28 comments

Here's our CliffsNotes version of Momofuku Ssäm Bar's new duck lunch: Go. Bring a friend. Order the duck bun and the rotisserie duck over rice, with scallion pancakes, and share those two plates. If you're of hearty appetite, add a side of broccoli (if you're down with fishy-creamy dressing; we are) or potatoes (if you like your potatoes soaked in rotisserie drippings; we do). You will leave full of duck and very happy. There's more to say, of course; but really. Duck bun. Rotisserie duck. Remember those two things. More

Ed Levine's Top 10 Super Bowl Snacks

Ed Levine 6 comments

I take my football almost as seriously as I take my food. And while this may not be the year for my beloved Giants, I'll still be tuning in to the game this weekend—with plenty of snacks on hand. Here's how I'd cater my dream Super Bowl party: the most snackable ham biscuits in the world, the best Super Bowl hero an eater could ask for, the ideal football-watching pizza, and more. More

The Art of the Lunch Deal: Momofuku Ssam Bar

Art of the Lunch Deal Nick Solares 4 comments

Momofuku Ssam Bar 207 2nd Avenue, New York NY 10003 (at 13th Street, map); 212-254-3500; momofuku.com Service: Casual bar service Must Haves: Pork buns, spicy rice cakes, grapefruit cream pie Price: $25 for three courses Notes: Lunch is served... More

A Sandwich a Day: Momofuku Ssam Bar BBQ Rib Sandwich

A Sandwich a Day Maggie Hoffman 4 comments

In this great city of ours, one could eat a different sandwich every day of the year—so that's what we'll do. Here's A Sandwich a Day, our daily look at sandwiches around New York. Got a sandwich we should check... More

Serious Lunch Deals: Pan-Asian Edition

Nick Solares 5 comments

With so many eateries offering prix-fixe lunches, it can be hard to distinguish the good from the seriously good. Here are five favorites in the pan-Asian genre. Momofuku Ssam Bar For $25, Ssam Bar lets you choose one of three... More

Momofuku Cocktail Bar Inside Ssam Bar

Erin Zimmer Post a comment

The previous rumor about Momofuku opening a cocktail bar with Don Lee of PDT at the helm, seems to be true. "But instead of opening in a section of Momofuku Milk Bar as expected, it will be located in the... More

Serious Deal: Prix Fixe Dinner at Momofuku Noodle Bar

Nick Solares 3 comments

"I doubt you will see noodles disappear from the menu altogether, the way Ssam did at Ssam Bar, but the dishes on this prix fixe menu herald a welcome new direction at Noodle Bar." Momofuku Noodle Bar 171 First Avenue,... More

The Best Steak in NYC Might Not Be in a Steakhouse

Nick Solares 17 comments

A few years ago I would have said that it was not possible but these days there is a paradigm shift occurring in high-end beef in New York City—an extraordinary cut of beef is being offered in three avant-garde but very different restaurants in the city: Tom Collichio’s Craft, David Chang's Momofuku Ssam Bar and Resto (with new chef Bobby Helen) collectively pose a serious challenge to the hegemony of the chophouse. More

Latecomers Can Forget Momofuku for Super Bowl Bo Ssam

Adam Kuban 6 comments

If you haven't already ordered a bo ssam for your Super Bowl party, don't bother. Zach Brooks forwards us this email from a Momofuku rep: "Apologies, but the Super Bowl Bo Ssam is sold out."... More

Momofuku Ssam Bar's New 'Brunch' Egg Menu

Nick Solares 6 comments

From left: Homemade English muffin with bacon and egg; Pork bun. I know, I know. It was just last week that I reported on Momofuku Ssam Bar's lunch prix fixe and here I am writing about the place again.... More

Momofuku Ssam Bar: $25 Lunch Prix Fixe Menu

Nick Solares 10 comments

$25 is certainly not a trifling amount to spend on lunch, especially in these uncertain economic days. You could feed two and a half Midtown Luncher's for that price, which does not even include tax or tip. But having... More

Do You Agree with Frank Bruni's Three Stars to Ssam Bar?

Ed Levine 10 comments

The now infamous pork bun at Momofuku Ssäm Bar. Photograph by Robyn Lee I thought Ben Leventhal of Eater was crazy when he predicted the Times' Frank Bruni would bestow three stars on David Chang's Ssäm Bar in his... More

Thanksgiving Bo Ssam from Momofuku

Zach Brooks 3 comments

Thanksgiving turkey replacement? Yes please. Personally, eating at a restaurant on Thanksgiving is not something I usually consider. But after seeing the Thanksgiving Bo Ssam Momofuku will be offering for take out, I am considering ordering in! The feast... More

Best New York Steak From Non-Steakhouses?

Ed Levine 6 comments

The hangar steak from Artisanal. Photograph by DDanzig Jay Cheshes' piece in Time Out New York on where to eat great steak in non-steakhouses in New York got me thinking. Where would I tell people to go for a... More

Proper Pastry Program Coming to Momofuku Ssam Bar

Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

Editor's note: Every afternoon we post a short Sugar Rush to end your day. Think of it as the dessert to your daily blog reading. —Zach Grub Street is reporting that when Momofuku Ssäm Bar expands next month, it will... More

Sugar Rush: Rhubarb Shortcake from Ssam Bar

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

No matter what anyone tells you, summer dreams are most certainly made of the rhubarb shortcake with whipped creme fraiche found at Momofuku Ssam Bar. A duo of golden shortcake rounds - buttery crisp with a most delightful crumble... More

Ultimate Super Bowl Party Meal: Bo Ssam and All the Fixins'

Ed Levine 2 comments

Now here's my idea of a perfect Super Bowl repast, a bo ssam feast for ten from those delicious food-crazed folks at Momofuku Ssam Bar (I'm not even going to mention David Chang's name). For $200 (plus delivery), you get... More

ELE Sound Bites

Ed Levine Post a comment

"SOME COOKS ONLY KNOW HOW TO COOK DELICIOUS FOOD" Momofuku's David Chang and his talented crew of cooks are folks that seem to only know how to cook delicious food. So it should be no surprise that the brand new... More

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