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Duck Lunch at Momofuku Ssäm Bar

Here's our CliffsNotes version of Momofuku Ssäm Bar's new duck lunch: Go. Bring a friend. Order the duck bun and the rotisserie duck over rice, with scallion pancakes, and share those two plates. If you're of hearty appetite, add a side of broccoli (if you're down with fishy-creamy dressing; we are) or potatoes (if you like your potatoes soaked in rotisserie drippings; we do). You will leave full of duck and very happy. There's more to say, of course; but really. Duck bun. Rotisserie duck. Remember those two things. More

The Best Ramen in New York City

It's hard to argue with a huge bowl of steaming hot, salty, meaty broth with a pile of bouncy noodles to slurp and tender, slow-cooked pork belly. But there's a difference between ramen-I'd-eat-for-a-quick-and-filling-meal (any), and ramen-so-good-it's-worth-a-national-obsession (rare). These days, there are Manhattan neighborhoods that are almost as dense with ramen-ya as a Tokyo train station. Our goal: to cull the good from the great. More

Beef 7 Ways at Ma Peche: The Review

As a regular indulgence, beef seven ways would surely shorten your life. But as a once-a-year feast, I can think of few better ways for serious beef eaters to get a serious cow fix. It represents the best of chef Tien Ho's cooking and Momofuku mastermind David Chang's influence—brilliant in conception and in execution, something that Chang's restaurants sometimes aren't in tandem. More

A Sandwich A Day: Turkey, Swiss, and Honey Mustard at Momofuku Milk Bar

The first thought that came to mind when I encountered the Turkey, Swiss, and Honey Mustard Sandwich ($6) at Momofuku Milk Bar: airplane food. It was in the presentation—already prepared, pre-wrapped in plastic. The woman behind the counter offered to warm it up, and I accepted. She nuked it in the microwave. I crossed my fingers, hoping the bread wouldn't turn rubbery, and dug in. More

Ma Peche, 'Momofuku Midtown': Tien Ho Is a Peach of a Chef

Momofuku's Tien Ho may be the best chef in New York that you've never heard of. That's going to change with Má Pêche, the company's first foray into Midtown. Chomping at the bit, waiting for the dining room renovations to be completed, Ho serving lunch in a sort of makeshift restaurant in the mezzanine lounge of the hotel last Thursday. And we liked what we tasted. More

David and the Giant Peach

[Photo: Maro Hagopian] On "At Martha's Table," broadcast live by Sirius Radio last week, Martha Stewart hosted New York City's wonder-chef, David Chang of Momofuku. In the last five years, Chang has garnered three James Beard awards, two Michelin... More

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