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BentOn, BentOff

You won't want this for lunch every day, but as a reasonably priced meal with lots of variety in two neighborhoods lacking in good food, BentOn is a good option to have. More

Steakcraft: The Meaty Details of The Breslin's Rib Steak

April Bloomfield and The Breslin's head chef Christina Lecki are a lot alike. They're on the short side with soft voices, friendly faces, and wry smiles. And they both command the kitchen with the authority of a Brigadier. Bloomfield and Lecki cook whole animals and baste giant slabs of meat in their own fat. But they're clear and precise in their techniques, which shows in the restaurant's rib steak. More

Luxury, if You Know Where to Look, at La Vie en Szechuan

At La Vie en Szechuan, they work to take care of you. And a look around the dining room says why: The young, smartly dressed, nearly all-Chinese clientele look ready for their night out in K-Town, not for slumming it on Mott Street. Like Cafe China up north a few blocks, the restaurant aims for something more upscale, and in setting, presentation, and quality it largely succeeds. Many Sichuan classics, the dishes we often look to as benchmarks for a restaurant like this, are the weakest parts of the menu. But if you order strategically around them you'll bear witness to some of the more interesting, unexpected, and yes—upscale—Chinese cooking in the city. More

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