'Levain' on Serious Eats

The Best Baguette in New York

In honor of Serious Eats Bakery Week, we set out to answer a question that's been on our mind for ages: what's the best baguette in New York? Because for every good baguette, there are dozens of disappointments. Tough, mouth-hurting crusts or doughy, spongy insides. A dried-out crumb or a flavor that's too sweet or too sour or just plain bland. We're tired of suffering bad bread—and wanted to find you the best in the city. More

Good Bread: Levain Bakery

As far as this column is concerned, Levain's real stars are half-hidden on a shelf behind the counter: moist, dense, and flavorsome breads, made daily so they're always fresh. You sense a trace of fermentation when you bite into them—a welcome reminder that bread is a living thing. More

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