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Sugar Rush: Pain Perdu at Landmarc

Sugar Rush Niko Triantafillou 8 comments

Landmarc's pain perdu ($16) arrives at your table as a single, giant slab of bread. It looks a bit like a glistening bread iceberg. More

Food Artisans: Landmarc's Caramels

Food Artisans Stephanie Klose 3 comments

The original idea behind the caramels given out with the check at Landmarc, the Tribeca bistro Marc Murphy opened in 2004, was that diners would "keep them in their pocket, find them the next day, remember their good dinner, and maybe come back," Murphy says. They're so beloved he's now selling them at New York Mouth by the jar. More

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Marc Murphy's TriBeCa

Neighborhood Guides Allegra Ben-Amotz 1 comment

Marc Murphy grew up all over—Milan, Paris, Villefranche, Washington DC, Rome and Genoa, all before he turned 12—but the Landmarc chef holds a special place in his heart for his TriBeCa neighborhood, where he opened his first solo enterprise. For such a cosmopolitan chef, Marc's tastes in his longtime home run largely towards comfort food, from Mister Softee ice cream to a Mac & Cheese BLT (yup). To find out where to find such a sandwich, check out his neighborhood staples. More

Meet & Eat: Marc Murphy, Chef, Restaurateur

Meet and Eat: NY Laren Spirer 4 comments

According to his bio, Marc Murphy "started cooking because he didn't have the funds to become a professional racecar driver." NASCAR's loss is New York's gain—since opening Landmarc in 2004, Murphy has created restaurants that have become fixtures in the... More

Landmarc at Time Warner: A Collection Gets Real

Ed Levine 1 comment

I like a lot of the food served at the restaurants at the Time Warner Center, but sometimes the collective pretentions of the restaurants there, Per Se, Masa, Bouchon Bakery, Porter House, get to me. How down to earth... More

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