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The Best Baguette in New York

The Serious Eats Team 20 comments

In honor of Serious Eats Bakery Week, we set out to answer a question that's been on our mind for ages: what's the best baguette in New York? Because for every good baguette, there are dozens of disappointments. Tough, mouth-hurting crusts or doughy, spongy insides. A dried-out crumb or a flavor that's too sweet or too sour or just plain bland. We're tired of suffering bad bread—and wanted to find you the best in the city. More

The Best Croissant in New York

Carey Jones 50 comments

A good croissant is hard to find. To turn a butter-based dough into a pastry that's simultaneously soft and flaky, shatter-crisp and mouth-meltingly tender, is a difficult thing indeed. Where is the best in New York City? We found out. More

Sugar Rush: Blueberry Financier at La Bergamote

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

The financier at La Bergamote in Chelsea, with its apricot-glazed top and line of studded blueberries, is far from plain and simple. But when you're craving that classic French almond flour-based sweet but looking for something a little different,... More

Sugar Rush: La Bergamote's Almond Croissant

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 5 comments

The search for the finest almond croissant in New York City is a forever ongoing hunt. Patisserie Claude, when it was run by Claude himself, was home to my favorite almond croissant. But, the minute Claude left, and Pablo... More

Where To Find Mini Pastries in Manhattan

Carey Jones 1 comment

In the mornings, I often want just a little something tasty with my coffee, not a muffin the size of my head or a cinnamon roll that’ll leave me feeling weighed down all day. So I’ve always been a fan of the mini-pastry: ideally adding a bit of sweetness to my morning and less than a dollar to my bill. More

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