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A Sandwich A Day: Croque Monsieur at Joyce Bakeshop

A Sandwich a Day Carey Jones 4 comments

I'm a fan of the croque monsieur as a breakfast item—staring at you from the pastry case, waiting to be heated back into melty deliciousness. And lately, I've been loving the croque at Joyce Bakeshop ($4). More

The Best Oatmeal in New York

Carey Jones 18 comments

Oatmeal from Prime Meats. Not quite the best in New York, but tasty just the same. [Photograph: Robyn Lee] There are two kinds of people: Those who understand why one would order oatmeal from a restaurant, and those who... More

The Best Black and White Cookies? Half-Moons? Amerikaners?

Ed Levine 33 comments

Many current and former New York City residents swear by a local specialty: the black and white cookie, an oversize cakey, almost spongecakelike cookie iced with a shiny, half-vanilla, half-chocolate fondant frosting. There was even a famous Seinfeld episode, "The... More

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