'Joe Ng' on Serious Eats

RedFarm: Chinese-American Done Justice in the West Village

High-end dim sum is what Ed Schoenfeld and Joe Ng do best. The former is the man behind Chinatown Brasserie, Shun Lee, and Shun Lee Palace; the latter, a dim sum chef Schoenfeld met in Sunset Park and brought on board at Chinatown Brasserie. Almost a year ago, the chef-restauteur pair launched the RedFarm stall in the upscale food court FoodParc, where we loved the dumplings and pastrami egg rolls and quite a bit else. And finally, after a number of delays and what seemed like weeks of preview dinners, they've opened their newest restaurant, also called RedFarm, in a townhouse in the West Village. More

The Best Dim Sum in NY?

I know it's going to seem socio-culturally incorrect to say this, but it's very possible that the best dim sum to be had in NY is to be had at the recently opened, non-Chinese-owned Chinatown Brasserie. Photo courtesy of eater.curbed.com... More

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