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Chef Elizabeth Falkner, from Citizen Cake to Krescendo to Corvo Bianco

Jacqueline Raposo 6 comments

Chef Elizabeth Faulkner of San Francisco's wildly popular Citizen Cake moved out to open Krescendo in Brooklyn and then left in in less than a year, which floored some people in the serious eating and food media worlds. Now, at the newly opened Corvo Bianco in what was once the Upper West Side's iconic Endicott Hotel lobby, she's serving up plates both ambitious and comforting, and logging in long days to develop her menu just right for the extremely wanting neighborhood. More

Ron Ben-Israel on Changing the Course of Wedding Cakes

Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

Ron Ben-Israel changed the course of celebration cakes when he threw out plastic columns and satin ribbons and starting molding sugar in unconventional ways. We caught up with him on where creation comes from and what it takes to make it in New York. More

Chef Chris Cheung on Changing Chinatown, Bringing Classics Back

Jacqueline Raposo 3 comments

Chef Chris Cheung is a born and bred New Yorker with some serious roots in Chinese cuisine, both here and abroad. We caught up on how that comes together with the classic French technique he's worked with at Jean-Georges and other fine-dining establishments, the changing landscape of Chinese cuisine now, and how he hopes that will all manifest for him in the future. More

How a Restaurant with a 25 Year-Old Chef Opened in Four Weeks

Jacqueline Raposo 6 comments

Chef Vanessa Miller was part of the team that opened The Dalloway in Soho in only one month, despite that fact that she's never worked in New York before and had a lot of catching up to do. Her small plates won over patrons and bits of press but, at only 25, she's well aware that her palate and preferences are still nowhere near set. We chatted with Chef Vanessa about what that experience was like and how being young sometimes gives the advantage. More

New York Chefs Answer 'What Has Cooking Taught You?'

Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

We've now interviewed around 100 of New York's most prominent chefs and shakers, and sometimes the depth of our conversation even surprises us. This week we share a collection of the answers to a question we ask outside of what we've printed before: "What has cooking taught you about yourself that you've had to overcome?" More

Details on the Museum of Food and Drink with Dave Arnold and Peter Kim

Ari Rudess 5 comments

We chatted with Peter Kim, Executive Director of the currently developing Museum of Food and Drink, about their first exhibit, what it's like to work with culinary genius Dave Arnold, and more. More

Michael Psilakis on Cooking for Family, Serving Greek in Astoria

Jacqueline Raposo 8 comments

Chef Michael Psilakis is no stranger to restaurant openings and intense food, but his newly opened MP Taverna comes with the added challenge of it's location being in the heart of Astoria. We chatted with Psilakis on what Greek food means to him now, what it meant when he first started cooking and where he still wants the conversation on Greek cuisine to go. More

We Chat with Chef Lisa Giffen of Maison Premiere on Turning from Cook to Chef

Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

Chef Lisa Giffen is working on taking Maison Premiere's fish-heavy menu to the next level, adding some rich meat dishes and some fun plays on French flavors. We chatted about how she's adapted from being just another cook to running her own kitchen. More

We Chat with Chef Marco Canora of Hearth and Terroir

Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

Marco Canora's ten years at Hearth have mellowed him out in more ways than one. We chatted with him about developing relationships with staff and diners, and how getting more hands-off made him a better chef. More

We Chat with Chef Sue Torres of Suenos

Jacqueline Raposo 3 comments

Sue Torres has held Suenos at a level of success for ten years, and she hasn't opened a second restaurant anywhere else at any time. Instead, she has the kind of faith in her staff that only comes with a long restaurant run, so that she can sometimes leave the kitchen to take an unrelated cooking class or go on a hike, where she says much of her creativity stems. We talked with her about her introduction to Mexican cooking and where she thinks the cuisine is going in New York. More

We Chat with Chef Victor LaPlaca of Isola Trattoria and Crudo Bar

Jacqueline Raposo 2 comments

Victor LaPlaca is no stranger to heading up a big kitchen, as he spent much of his prior 17 years cooking with Todd English at his many international restaurants. Nor was he shy when remaking what was previously the restaurant Imperial No. 9, which wasn't exactly beloved by critics. He's the kind of chef you love knowing is making your food—he's personally warm, sharply dedicated and extremely talented at using products to their fullest advantage. We sat down in that light-filled space to chat about his transition to Isola, where his strongest influences truly came from, and what cooking taught him about himself. More

We Chat with John Stage About Trial and Error Barbecue and His New Brooklyn Restaurant

Jacqueline Raposo 4 comments

This weekend, June 8th and 9th, over 100,000 eaters will flood Madison Avenue for the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party. For the eleventh year, 18 of the country's best pit masters serving up whole hogs, ribs, pulled pork, brisket, and other cuts. Live music and lots of booze promise it'll once again be one hell of a party. Dinosar Bar-B-Cue's John Stage is one of the pit masters repping NYC; here he talks to us about what got him into this world, and shares details on his new Brooklyn restaurant. More

We Chat with Chef Angelo Romano of The Pines

Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

Tucked away in Gowanus, Chef Angelo Romano has a place of his own at The Pines, where a casual outdoor menu and indoor one that pushes a few borders match with chef-driven cocktails and a casual setting. Here he talks about what it takes to be the chef behind a chef-driven menu, and why Gowanus is where he's happy to plant his stake. More

We Chat with Sarah Simmons of City Grit

Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

Sarah Simmons runs a culinary salon out of a space that's an antique store by day. Some nights she's executing a themed menu of her own. Others she's on the line cooking with chefs from all over the country, giving them an opportunity to stand in the spotlight for New York's hungriest eaters and media personnel. But with six years of supper club hosting at her back and a huge boost from Food and Wine magazine, this consultant-turned-chef is more than able to take it all on. Here she tells us how she does it, and why. More

We Chat with Chef Wolfgang Ban of Seasonal, Edi and the Wolf, and The Third Man

Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

Chef Wolfgang Ban has a large laugh, a joyful sense of play, and a serious menu at his Michelin-starred Seasonal in midtown, as well as his downtown Edi and the Wolf and The Third Man spots. With his roots in western Austria heavily influencing his menus, he's lived in New York for over ten years and easily calls it home. We caught up with Wolfgang about what it takes to keep a fine dining restaurant relevant over time, how his corner of Austria is a melting pot not dissimilar to New York, and what the word 'hospitality' actually means. More

We Chat with Chef Daniel Boulud on his 20th New York Anniversary

Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

This month Chef Daniel Boulud celebrates the 20th anniversary of his first New York restaurant, Daniel. With seven restaurants covering a wide range of French cuisine in New York alone and another seven restaurants worldwide, the result of all that intensity and focus has given him much to celebrate. And while we've been given generous glimpses into the festivities, it was his reflections on the New York scene in those 20 years and his part in it that we were most curious about. Here's what we found out. More

We Chat with Pastry Chef Thiago Silva of The General and Catch

Jacqueline Raposo 2 comments

Brazillian pastry chef Thiago Silva has a lot going on—running the kitchens at The General and Catch, making enormous, complicated celebration cakes for celebrities, and ensuring that his new grows up with a broader palate than his mother's. We chatted with Silva about how a Brazilian chef crafts Asian desserts, what kind of music he plays in his kitchens, and if the inside of those fancy cakes is worth the eating. More

We Chat with Chef Tien Ho of Montmartre

Jacqueline Raposo 2 comments

Tien Ho's newly opened Montmartre in Chelsea has all the elements of a successful neighborhood bistro going for it; a prime location, the backing of Gabe Stulman's Little Wisco mini-empire, and a menu full of depth and commitment. We caught up with Ho about the time he took off to travel home to Vietnam before beginning major work on his new digs, the state of French food in New York and how he wants his contribution to fit it. More

Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone Talk Italian American Fine Dining at Carbone

Ed Levine 8 comments

As someone who has over the last three years spent hours talking about food and the creative process with Rich Torrisi and Mario Carbone, I thought it would be interesting to talk to them one on one (or should I say one on two) about Carbone, their latest restaurant that focuses on Italian American fine dining. Their answers were always thoughtful, often surprising, and showed just how intellectually curious they are. So here goes. More

We Chat with Pichet Ong of Sugar and Plumm

Jacqueline Raposo Post a comment

Chef Pichet Ong of Sugar and Plumm wears many hats and seems to have three dozen to-do lists. A self-taught chef in both the savory and pastry worlds, his work has garnered him many awards, and his products dazzle and delight the young and young at heart. We caught up with Chef Ong at the new upper west side location of Sugar and Plumm to talk about where all the energy comes from and what's most important to him in and out of the kitchen. More

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