'Hot Bread Kitchen' on Serious Eats

Good Bread: Hot Bread Kitchen

The aroma of good bread wafts from beneath the rumbling commuter trains over Park Avenue in East Harlem. The smell comes from behind the moribund stalls of East Harlem's La Marqueta, where a half dozen bakers hustle loaves in and out of stainless steel ovens. This is the nerve center of Hot Bread Kitchen, the immigrant women's baking collective that produces some of the city's most eclectic and exciting loaves. Serious Eats has already lauded its puffy, scrumptious bialys; now let's look at the rest of its offerings. More

Good Food Is Sometimes Important Food

This summer I was wandering around Harlem in search of superior pie and barbecue (I failed in both quests) when I happened upon a table filled with focaccia, baguettes, and tortillas at the Grassroots Market (145th and Edgecombe Avenue). The... More

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