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Good Bread: Grandaisy Bakery

Good Bread Andrew Coe 4 comments

How do you invent a new loaf? Grandaisy Bakery is known for its white, Italian-style breads. But after they opened a store on the Upper West Side, they sensed a demand for a "health" loaf. More

A Sandwich A Day: Panino di Colazione at Grandaisy

A Sandwich a Day Carey Jones 1 comment

It's a little bready, but it's also the rare breakfast sandwich that tastes as good two hours later as it does straight out of the case—a rare commuter-friendly egg sandwich to remember. More

The Best Baguette in New York

The Serious Eats Team 20 comments

In honor of Serious Eats Bakery Week, we set out to answer a question that's been on our mind for ages: what's the best baguette in New York? Because for every good baguette, there are dozens of disappointments. Tough, mouth-hurting crusts or doughy, spongy insides. A dried-out crumb or a flavor that's too sweet or too sour or just plain bland. We're tired of suffering bad bread—and wanted to find you the best in the city. More

Where To Buy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Pie in New York

Ed Levine 2 comments

There are all sorts of fantastic bakeries in New York where you can pick up pie for your Thanksgiving table. But many of them require advance orders for Thanksgiving—and sometimes that just doesn't happen. Sometimes, you just need a last minute pie. And luckily, these fine bakeries are here to help you out. More

Where To Get Pumpkin Pie in New York for Thanksgiving

The Serious Eats Team 8 comments

What we've learned this week is that bakeries that make great pies might not make great pumpkin pies. Which is why we tasted a few dozen all over New York to find you the best for your Thanksgiving table. More

A Sandwich A Day: 'Barbabietola,' Beet Sandwich from Grandaisy Bakery

A Sandwich a Day Carey Jones 4 comments

While the Panino Greco at Grandaisy is probably my favorite on the menu, the Barbabietola beet sandwich ($7) is no slouch either—marinated beets, thick-sliced and firm to the tooth, with a sparing spread of goat cheese and a loose mound of arugula, all on fresh, barely crusty stecca bread. Modestly sized, it's a sandwich that a light eater could happily finish. More

End-Of-Day Discounts in New York

Carey Jones 9 comments

Photo from Food in Mouth Plenty of corner delis and bodegas start slashing prices near the end of the day, trying to offload their goods before closing. But it's always a treat to find a discount somewhere worthwhile, as... More

Holiday Breakfast: Fresh Panettone from Grandaisy Bakery

Carey Jones 4 comments

I didn’t realize how polarizing panettone could be until this post two weeks ago. “A joyless mass of dry cake polluted with unpleasant bits of dried fruit”? Harsh words from the Guardian. I’ve always been a fan of panettone,... More

A Whole Pizza Bianca Is the Best Dinner Party Present For Your Host

Ed Levine 7 comments

Trying to figure out what to bring to a dinner party can be difficult. Usually, what happens in our circle of friends is people ask me what I want to bring. I'm pretty good on dessert, more than adequate... More

Grandaisy Chocolate Cake and Milk: The Ultimate ELE Meal Replacement

Ed Levine 3 comments

I'll admit it. I'm developing a Grandaisy habit. It started with the olive rolls. Then I moved on to the individual sour cherry almond cakes with a chocolate bottom crust. Currently I'm in a chocolate cake phase. Grandaisy's individual chocolate... More

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