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What to Eat in Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall's Basement

If you thought the first floor of the Golden Shopping Mall (profiled yesterday) in Flushing, Queens, was cramped, try heading downstairs. Trying to eat the entirety of that basement food court is like descending into madness. There are just so many choices—diced rabbit seeped in red oil and dusted in white sesame, the springy bite of Lanzhou hand-pulled noodles, chewy-skinned dumplings and thick bones full of bone marrow to slurp. How to make sense of it? Here's our guide. More

What to Eat on Flushing's Golden Shopping Mall's First Floor

Flushing, Queens, in many ways, is its own world. While only two stops away from Manhattan on the Long Island Railroad, this is a land of $900 one-bedroom apartments and brilliant $4 bowls of noodles. You know you've stepped foot in the right place when the signs are covered in symbols and the pavement jostles with immigrants. But with so many menus only in Chinese, and so many wonderful shop owners lacking a command of English, the food scene can be difficult to navigate. Here's our comprehensive guide to Flushing food courts, Part I: translated menus, clickable maps, and more! More

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