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We Chat with Chef Nick Anderer of Maialino

Jacqueline Raposo 6 comments

Chef Nick Anderer has taken on an ambitious project: dusting off old Roman recipes that sometimes involve pigs feet and lamb intestines and making them palatable for a New York audience. But no matter how he does it, what matters most to him is that everyone leaves Maialino with a smile on their faces. Here he tells us how he tries to do just that. More

We Chat with Chef Carmen Quagliata of Union Square Cafe

Jacqueline Raposo 2 comments

Chef Carmen Quagliata has been at the helm of Union Square Cafe for eight years now. And along with some big changes (adding a small plate menu for the bar, starting a weekend brunch program and recently opening up the front of the restaurant for a 14-seat chef's table), he's constantly developing his menu, keeping in touch both with his Italian roots and the ever-evolving ingredients coming from the market only 50 yards away.

We chatted with Quagliata about this line—how do you evolve such an iconic restaurant while making sure it remains true to itself?


First Look: The Food at Creative Juice, Danny Meyer's New Juice Bar in Equinox

First Look Erin Zimmer 1 comment

We've already shown you the juice and smoothie selection at the new Creative Juice bar inside Equinox (just two locations for now). While we were chugging back the juice, we also nibbled on some of the food. Take a look at what you can expect to eat there. More

We Chat With Pastry Chef Alex Ray of North End Grill

Jacqueline Raposo 4 comments

Pastry Chef Alexandra Ray won Floyd Cardoz over with a fluffy lemon meringue pie, which she now serves among American classics pushed to the edge on her menu at North End Grill. We chatted with Ray about how sometimes ditching a law career, skipping culinary school and going straight into a kitchen can be the smartest and sweetest move. More

North End Grill: Danny Meyer Does Battery Park City

The Serious Eats Team 4 comments

Those of us who love Danny Meyer's restaurants are accustomed to thinking of him as a man who creates welcoming spaces, with stories and personalities and an intimate sense of place. Restaurants very much tied to their neighborhoods, which you couldn't really pluck up and set down somewhere else. Restaurants you want to be at, not just eat at. That's not quite the case at Meyer's newest, North End Grill; but there are plenty of reasons to make a visit. More

First Look: À La Carte Dinner Menu at Untitled

Aaron Arizpe 1 comment

"There's definitely an uptown/downtown traffic problem," Chris Bradley says with a hearty chuckle when I ask him if many of his old regulars from Gramercy Tavern followed him northward when he became the executive chef at Danny Meyer's Untitled at the Whitney Museum. The restaurant opened last March, initially serving just breakfast and lunch, and months later offering a family-style, fixed-price dinner on the weekends. Now Chef Bradley has introduced an à la carte menu with about twenty different options, not counting the sweets. More

Untitled, Danny Meyer's Restaurant at The Whitney: The Greek Coffee Shop of Our Dreams?

Ed Levine 10 comments

Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group has dived into the food mosh pit of institutional food with both feet. Park concessions? Stadium food? Mainstream Midtown museum fare? All there. So now, with his institutional food bona fides firmly established, he has now installed Untitled, his take on a Manhattan Greek coffee shop, on the Upper East Side at the Whitney Museum. More

First Look at Union Square Cafe's New Brunch

Maggie Hoffman 3 comments

Danny Meyer's Union Square Cafe has served seasonally-inspired food near New York's biggest Greenmarket for more than 25 years. But this Saturday, they're rolling out the restaurant's very first brunch menu, which will be served Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. More

Breakfast at Untitled

Breakfast Ashley Muir Bruhn 2 comments

Danny Meyer's newest venture, a cafe for the Whitney called Untitled, takes the coffee shop of the '60s as its inspiration but manages to incorporate what's best about most of Meyer's operations: locally sourced, seasonally fresh fare, prepared by talented hands and offered at reasonable prices. More

Meet and Eat: Floyd Cardoz, Tabla

Meet and Eat: NY Laren Spirer 1 comment

[Photograph: Nick Solares] Last week, Danny Meyer and the Union Square Hospitality Group announced that, after twelve years, Tabla will be closing on December 30th. For those twelve years, Chef Floyd Cardoz has brought his New Indian cuisine to... More

Maialino's Coppa Croccante: Perfect Poached Eggs Put to Use

J. Kenji López-Alt 9 comments

[Photograph: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt] Available for $12 at Maialino 2 Lexington Avenue, New York NY 10010 (map); 212-777-2410; maialinonyc.com There's a lot of dishes that Maialino, Danny Meyer's Roman trattoria does well (try their breakfast menu, which Ed has... More

The Art of the Lunch Deal: Eleven Madison Park

Art of the Lunch Deal Nick Solares 9 comments

Eleven Madison Park 11 Madison Avenue, New York NY 10010; map); 212-889-0905; elevenmadisonpark.com Service: Faultless, friendly, and accommodating Setting: Airy, elegant half of the Met Life Building lobby with well-spaced tables Compare to: Gramercy Tavern, Jean-Georges Must Haves: Menu... More

Maialino Breakfast Review: Do Romans Really Eat This Well at Breakfast?

Ed Levine 20 comments

I've heard from countless Italian food experts that Italians in Italy as a whole and Rome in particular, don't eat much for breakfast—that most people tend to make do with coffee, roll, and juice for a modest beginning to the day. So what explains the spate of well-regarded and reviewed Italian restaurants serving amazing, only in New York breakfasts? Maialino is the latest—and, perhaps, one of the best. More

Apps Only: Union Square Cafe

Apps Only Ben Fishner 3 comments

Editor's note: In "Apps Only," Ben Fishner will be eating his way through New York's appetizer, bar, and lounge menus as your guide to fine dining on a budget. Tuna tartare. [Photos: Ben Fishner] More Apps Only Prune in... More

Sandwiched at the Whitney: Chefs, Lunch, Art, and You

Ed Levine 5 comments

I was fascinated when I heard that Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group was going to open a sandwich joint in the Whitney Museum, featuring items designed by its chefs and pastry chefs. Why? Because it raised so many questions. First among them: Are chefs necessarily the best sandwich architects? We ate our way through the menu to find out. More

Maialino's Olive Oil Muffin

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 5 comments

[Photo: Kathy Chan] I don't think I will ever tired of the endless variations on olive oil cakes, loaves, and madeleines found in the city. At Maialino they come in the form of muffins ($4) during the day, and... More

Sugar Rush: Maialino's Torta Della Nonna

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 3 comments

[Photo: Kathy Chan] It was the caramel pool that won me over. Deep and smooth, with an unexpected and gorgeous shock of lemon. So bright! How lovely it would have been poured over a cup of their housemade vanilla... More

Sugar Rush: Pumpkin Pie Oh-My

Kathy YL Chan 2 comments

[Photo: Kathy Chan] What better way to end a stressful work week than with Shake Shack's Pumpkin Pie Oh-My? One big cup of custard with a whole slice of pumpkin homemade pumpkin pie whipped right in. And plenty of... More

Thanksgiving Menu at Eleven Madison Park

Carey Jones Post a comment

Celery Root Velouté with Diver Scallops and Black Truffles _________ Heirloom Beets Marinated with Olio Verde, Aceto Balsamico and Lynnhaven "Chèvre Frais" Foie Gras Torchon with Honey Crisp Apples and Cinnamon Meringue Alaskan King Crab Variations with Asian Pear, Cilantro... More

Should A Service Charge Be Included at Restaurants So That Servers Can Have Benefits?

Ed Levine 20 comments

[Photograph: Robyn Lee] In a New York Times op-ed piece Phoebe Damrosch, the author of Service Included: Four-Star Secrets of an Eavesdropping Waiter, and also a former server at Per Se, poses the following question: "How can restaurants attract... More

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