'Cobble Hill' on Serious Eats

Fish Tales in Cobble Hill, Where the Fishmonger Knows Your Name

Fish Tales has been supplying Brooklyn's Cobble Hill community with fresh seafood since opening in 1996. The Court Street fixture has followed the neighborhood's growth over the following 17 years—rotating its offerings and boosting its grocery selection—but two concepts remain firmly rooted in the shop's inception: its dedication to high quality fish and superb customer service. More

Hearty Fare at Yemen Café—No Lamb Required

Yemen Café's ambience recalls that of a cafeteria—the bare tables are dominated by families whose gigging toddlers race around the dining room, and the ice water and sweet mint tea are self-service. The casual atmosphere makes it that much easier to focus on the food here, which is soulful, delicious, and a great bargain. More

La Vara in NYC: Small Plates, Bold Flavors

We'll say this about La Vara, the new Brooklyn restaurant from husband-and-wife chef duo Alex Raij and Eder Montero of Txikito and El Quinto Pino: they know how to write a menu. Read down the 30-odd list of dishes and, if you're anything like us, you'll be prompted to read aloud—Cumin roasted lamb breast? Ooooh, fried chickpeas. Murcian pasta with goat butter?! It's the sort of lineup that gets you drooling before you've had a single bite. And for the most part, each dish lives up to its promise. More

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