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8 Squash Dishes in NYC We Love

One of the best parts about vegetables is how their natural sweetness comes out when they're cooked well; and no vegetable does this as brilliantly as squash. I can't think of anything I'd rather eat in the middle of winter than a heaping bowl of perfectly roasted butternut, enlivened by nothing more than olive oil and salt. But chefs around New York get more creative than that, of course, featuring squash in everything from curries to crostini to queso fundido. Here are eight squash dishes we love from around the city. What are your favorites? More

Café China: More Exciting Sichuan Comes to New York

What is it with great Sichuan restaurants opening in unlikely Manhattan neighborhoods recently? In November, we headed to Chelsea, where a run-of-the-mill Vietnamese restaurant had turned into the excellent Legend, at which we loved the Chongqing chicken and tofu-like "Tears in Eyes" and the liberal use of chili and Sichuan peppercorn on a number of dishes. And now in Midtown, we've found plenty to love about Cafe China. More

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