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Coppelia's Blue Corn Pancakes, a Worthy Breakfast Available All Day

Breakfast Max Falkowitz 1 comment

At Coppelia, pancakes come in two spins. There are buttermilk pancakes—light, fluffy, and painfully common elsewhere—and a blue corn version, the narwhal of pancakes in New York. With a denser, weightier texture and cornbread-like crumb, they're the pancakes for people who like their pancakes with a little more substance. More

Where Do You Go for English Breakfast in NYC?

The Serious Eats Team 21 comments

Be it Irish pub or fancy pub, tell us: where do you go for a real-deal English fry up? More

Mile End Manhattan's Breakfast is Worth a Detour

Breakfast Ed Levine 3 comments

Our man Ed Levine is seriously into his Citibike trips and is hitting the road in search of good eating. Where will he end up? The first stop on his adventures: Mile End. More

Breakfast in Chinatown: Buttered Pineapple Bun and Eggs at Cha Chan Tang

Breakfast Ida Yu 4 comments

Cha Chan Tang is a bustling Hong Kong-style diner come lunch and dinner, but come breakfast, it offers a somewhat more serene opportunity for a quick, satisfying breakfast—for a whopping $4. More

Staff Picks: Our Favorite Breakfasts in NYC

Breakfast The Serious Eats Team 18 comments

What are our top breakfasts in New York? Bagels, egg and cheese, and pastries right this way. More

13 Great Breakfasts in the West Village

Linnea Zielinski 4 comments

The West Village is one of New York's more receptive neighborhoods to lingering breakfasts, from busy coffee shops to lazy cafes, no shortage of all-day bistros and a wealth of bakeries. So where do we go to start the day while we're there? That depends on the mood: doughnut or croissant, French scrambled eggs or Cuban heuvos rancheros? More

A Sandwich a Day: So Good at Shopsins

A Sandwich a Day Robyn Lee 13 comments

You may have never thought, "Hey, I could go for a double-decker grilled cheese sandwich made with three slices of French toast thickly layered with loads of oozing cheese and stuffed with perfectly poached eggs," but now you will. More

10 Great Breakfasts in the East Village

Breakfast Linnea Zielinski 7 comments

The East Village may be best known these days as a nightlife neighborhood, but it also has breakfast down. And we don't mean brunch: we mean breakfast, available before you go to work on a weekday, something to nourish you rather than just nurse a hangover. More

A Sandwich a Day: Fried Egg at Veselka

A Sandwich a Day Craig Cavallo 7 comments

This soft egg and and sausage sandwich is just the thing for breakfast—which at Veselka can be ordered 24 hours. More

First Look: Bien Cuit Bakery's New West Village Store

First Look Erin Zimmer 8 comments

"We wanted it to have the same vibe as the Bien Cuit in Brooklyn, even if it's in Manhattan," said head baker Zachary Golper of his second location, which just opened on Christopher Street. More

Sugar Rush: Hot Waffles at the Blue Bottle Siphon Bar

Sugar Rush Kathy YL Chan 1 comment

At Siphon Bar inside the 15th Street location of Blue Bottle Coffee you can get extra fancy coffee. But did you know you can also get waffles made to order? More

Breakfast at Maison Kayser: For Best Results, Stay Close to the Bread

Breakfast Ed Levine 8 comments

I first fell in love with Eric Kayser's breads and pastries in Paris more than twenty years ago, when I believe he had only a single jewel box of a shop. Kayser at the time was the boy wonder combination bread baker and pastry maker, an unusual double even to this day. My most vivid taste memories from my daily visits that week were the staggeringly good baguettes and the moist, light, and vividly flavored financiers.

Now, twenty years later, Kayser has built a bread and pastry empire, with twenty locations in Paris and 80 around the world. After a false start in Los Angeles a few years ago (the wrong partners Kayser says—it's always the wrong partners, isn't it?), he has come to America with a vengeance. His new large, bright, and cheery initial location on the Upper East Side is open morning, noon and night, and two more locations are set to open next year in the Flatiron District and midtown. We've decided to eat our way systematically through the breakfast, lunch/dinner, and pastry menus. Up today: breakfast.


Mexican Eats: Solid Breakfast at Alimentos Saludables, Plus a Tamale Sandwich

Breakfast Scarlett Lindeman Post a comment

It may be small and scummy, but Alimentos Saludables, a tamale outpost in Sunset Park is serving the real deal: a true Mexican breakfast of champurrado, arroz con leche, and some of the best tamales in the city, if you catch them on a good day. Plus—a tamale sandwich! More

17 Of Our Favorite Breakfast Sandwiches in NYC

Breakfast Hally Wolhandler 12 comments

What is it about breakfast sandwiches? Whether they feature melted cheese or a runny yolk, they're almost always oozing with warm and gooey yellow deliciousness. In our continued celebration of National Sandwich Month, here are 17 of our favorite breakfast sandwiches, each so good you'll be looking forward to your alarm going off in the morning. More

Obsessed With: OatMeals, the World's First All-Oatmeal Bar

Breakfast Erin Zimmer 17 comments

When I heard about the grand opening last month of OatMeals, the world's first oatmeal bar, I was equal parts jealous (idea stealer!) and uncontrollably delighted. More

Breakfast at Bklyn Larder, Park Slope

Breakfast Carey Jones 1 comment

I have a complicated relationship with Bklyn Larder in that I love basically everything they make, bake, or stock, but can't make a habit out of buying $9-pint ice cream or $29/lb cheeses. So it's a very pleasant surprise that their new breakfast menu is gently priced. What's not surprising: that it's all excellent. More

A Sandwich A Day: Ham and Gruyere Sandwich at 606 R&D

A Sandwich a Day Carey Jones 1 comment

I love me a good breakfast sandwich—especially when it's a block from my place. The ham and gruyere breakfast sandwich ($12) at 606 R&D in Prospect Heights is priced as you'd expect on a brunch menu, rather than a breakfast one, but it's available seven days a week. More

A Sandwich a Day: Chorizo and Egg at Egg in Williamsburg

A Sandwich a Day Chichi Wang Post a comment

A hunt for scrapple led to me to Egg, the famed breakfast joint in Williamsburg that serves breakfast all day. The scrapple was appropriately porky and creamy, but what really got my attention was their chorizo and egg sandwich. More

Breakfast at Buvette

Breakfast Carey Jones 3 comments

At night, Buvette in the West Village is often packed to capacity, diners shoulder-to-shoulder as they sip wine and nibble. But in the mornings, it's pleasantly sedate, smelling of coffee and toasting bread, morning light streaming in. And, it should go without saying, the food is fantastic. I live in Brooklyn and work in Chinatown. There's no reason in the world I should be passing through the West Village in the mornings. But I do, time and again, for breakfast at Buvette. More

Muffins at Corrado Bakery

Kathy YL Chan Post a comment

I've got a soft spot for the muffins at Corrado Bread And Pastry, a bakery/cafe that really looks more like a corporate chain from the outside. More

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