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5 Blueberry Desserts We Love

From mini blueberry pies at Trois Pommes with a lattice crust, to blueberry (combined with acai!) gummy bears, there's no limit to how one can enjoy summer's favorite fruit. Here are five blueberry desserts we love; let us know if we've missed yours! More

Five Cakes for One

Sharing is good, but sometimes you just want the whole thing for yourself. No worries, it's understandable. There's some inherent satisfaction in being able to devour an entire cake, as opposed to just a wedge, slice, or square. Here, we've rounded up five cakes we love, individual-sized treats where you can eat the whole affair to your satisfaction. More

The Best Carrot Cake in New York City

We at Serious Eats have a soft spot in our hearts for carrot cake. And there's no better season for it—it's got those winter spices kicking around, sure, but it's also bright with the promise of carrots and fruits and spring freshness to come. While we all could agree to love carrot cake, none of us felt we had a definitive favorite. So we fanned out over the boroughs, picked up carrot cakes from every corner of New York—over a 29.6 mile geographic spread, to be exact. More

Sugar Rush: Blackhound's Daisy Cake

[Photo: Kathy Chan] Pastry cream blended with whipped cream, fresh strawberries, and three layers of chocolate cake. Meet the Daisy Cake ($7.50) from Blackhound Bakery. The size suggests a mini-celebration for two, or a particularly rich celebration for one.... More

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