'Big Gay Ice Cream Truck' on Serious Eats

Big Gay Ice Cream Will Open East Village Space Mid-June

Pretty soon you won't have to follow the Big Gay Ice Cream truck's tweets for their rolling whereabouts (though, you should, since their tweets are usually pretty entertaining). In mid-June, Bryan Petroff and Doug Quint will open a brick-and-mortar shop on the East 7th Street block between First Avenue and Avenue A, what's already been nicknamed one of the tastiest blocks in the city. More

The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck Publishing a Cookbook in 2012

Three years later after launching, the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck is now working on a cookbook to be published in the spring of 2012. Anyone who has been following their tweets might have seen this coming. All those test batches of ice cream? Ah, now it all makes sense. The cookbook will include toppings ideas (like their signature wasabi pea dust) and sauces as well as simple ice cream recipes (definitely one for the Salty Pimp). "Even the hardest recipe in this book isn't that hard," promised owners Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff. More

Ed's 10 Favorite Frozen Treats in New York City

After this long and arduous winter, we've finally had a few ice cream-worthy days. (Not that I have any problem eating ice cream in the cold. But you know what I'm saying, eaters.) In honor of the spring we have waited for so long, here are ten of my favorite frozen treats—from granitas and gelato to coffee malts and killer soft-serve. More

Behind The Scenes With The Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, After Hours

Signs of spring are beginning to show—perhaps most welcome among them, the Mister Softee trucks roaming the streets. And at Serious Eats, our favorite of those is the The Big Gay Ice Cream truck. I spent an evening with BGICT frontman Doug Quint in his usual Union Square spot when he brought his truck out for one preview day last week. Even more interesting? I tagged along as he was closing up the truck. More

A Look at the 2009 Vendy Awards

[Photographs: Robyn Lee] Over 1,000 people showed up yesterday to the fifth annual Vendy Awards outside the Queens Museum of Art. Each of the eleven vendors nominated served a plate piled with specialties like schnitzel, huaraches, falafel, choinkwiches (a... More

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