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Great Alcapurrias at Mama Isabella's Place, Woodstock

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley 2 comments

On Wednsdays through Sundays on an empty lot at Prospect Avenue and 156th Street in Woodstock, you'll find Mama Isbaella's Place, a seasonal, stationary Puerto Rican food truck devoted to pastelillos and alcapurrias. More

Tacos, Tortas, Tamales, and More at Viva La Comida 2013

Street Food Lily Chin 5 comments

This past Friday, Viva La Comida, the Elmhurst 82nd Street Partnership's food festival, celebrated its second year with even more street food, music, and fun. Take a look at at some highlights from the day. More

'They Basically Wiped Out Our Profit for the Day': A Street Vendor Speaks Out About the Department of Health

Street Food Max Falkowitz 34 comments

Do the DOH's letter grades and punitive fines actually improve food safety? Do they educate street vendors and restaurants about improving food safety? Here is one account to help you decide, in a street vendor's own words, about the time she lost a day's earnings to two tickets. More

Red Hook Pulls a Street Food Hat Trick at the 2013 Vendy Awards

Street Food Max Falkowitz Post a comment

This weekend, the Vendy Awards, New York's biggest love letter to street food, hit Industry City for a day-long feast of nearly 25 street vendors feeding a grateful crowd. Lines were waited on, tacos were eaten, and the venerated Vendy Cup for best street food of the year was awarded once again. Here are the highlights. More

Meet Vendy Awards Rookie Finalist Neapolitan Express

Behind the Scenes Clay Williams 3 comments

Take a look inside New York's only Neapolitan pizza truck, one of the rookie finalists up for this weekend's Vendy Awards. More

Meet Vendy Award Rookie Finalist Nuchas Empanadas

Behind the Scenes Clay Williams Post a comment

Years ago, on a trip home to Buenos Aires, owner Ariel Barbouth found inspiration for Nuchas in the empanadas that are ubiquitous there but largely absent downtown. He launched the first Kiosk in Times Square in 2011 and last summer took the show on the road with the Nuchas truck. Through it, he serves many varieties of hand-held snacks, including empanadas filled with short rib, shiitake curry, or seafood. More

Meet Vendy Awards Rookie Finalist Mamak

Street Food Clay Williams 2 comments

Although Malaysian food is gaining a growing foothold in New York, Mamak, which launched back in April, is one of the first to bring rendang to the city's street food scene. More

Meet Vendy Awards Rookie Finalist Sweet Chili Truck

Street Food Siobhan Wallace Post a comment

Sweet Chili is owned by Chef Lisa Fernandes, who you may remember from Top Chef's Season 4 in Chicago. The truck debuted on June 1st with a menu inspired by Thai and Vietnamese cooking. Take a closer look at this Vendy Awards nominee is cooking after the jump. More

Meet Vendy Awards Rookie Finalist Toum

Street Food Siobhan Wallace 4 comments

Toum is the first Lebanese food truck in the five boroughs. Here's a look at what the Vendy Rookie Award-nominated team is serving. More

Video: El Olomega, the Original Red Hook Pupuseria

Street Food James Boo 1 comment

Marcos Lainez and his family have run the city's best pupusa business (and just announced Vendy-finalist) for decades. Serving 18 variants of the Salvadoran staple, El Olomega personifies the Red Hook Ball Fields Vendors—a family forged in food at the edge of a soccer field. More

Vendy Award Finalists Announced

Street Food Max Falkowitz 1 comment

The Vendy Cup finalists for this year's Vendy Awards have just been released. Details and video after the jump. More

Behind the Scenes of a New York Food Event, a Vendy Volunteer's Story

Street Food Siobhan Wallace 1 comment

We write about food events in New York all the time on Serious Eats, but what's it like to work behind the scenes as a volunteer? Here's the inside story from one Vendy Awards volunteer. More

Bronx Eats: Esquites on Arthur Avenue, Fordham-Belmont

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley 1 comment

On the southeastern corner of Arthur Avenue and 188th Street, from 3 to 11 p.m. every day, you'll find a corner set up of a coco helado cart and coolers spilling out of a van. The coolers are marked with a simple paper sign, reading "elote y esquites." More

Meet Vendy Awards Rookie Finalist Mysttik Masaala

Behind the Scenes Clay Williams 2 comments

The Vendy Awards, New York's annual celebration of street food, are hitting Red Hook in a few weeks. Until then we'll be taking a look at the finalists in their rookie category—vendors who started cooking on the street just this year. First up: Midtown East newcomer Mysttik Masaala. More

DiSO's, the Italian Sandwich Shop on Wheels

Street Food Lauren McInnes Post a comment

An Italian sandwich truck with sliced-to-order meat and cheese from Di Palo's? Sign us up. More

Gloriously Cheesy Plantain Pupusas from Red Hook Ball Fields' El Olomega

Street Food Max Falkowitz 1 comment

In addition to the typical corn-based Salvadoran griddle cakes, this pupusa star is doing some incredible things with plantains. More

A Sandwich a Day: Mekanek at Toum Lebanese Truck

A Sandwich a Day Max Falkowitz 6 comments

Toum, a Lebanese food truck that's been making the rounds on 46th Street in Midtown, Prospect Park, Dumbo, and Tribeca, makes wraps good enough to right every sad wrap that's ever wronged you. More

Street Food Stories: All-American Diner, Whitehall Street's Diner on Wheels

Street Food Siobhan Wallace 1 comment

New York has a long history of great diners, so it's only fitting that we should have a food truck like All-American Diner. It's literally a diner on wheels. More

Street Food Stories: Greek Souvlaki and Home Cooking at Uncle Gussy's in Midtown

Street Food Siobhan Wallace Post a comment

The typical profile of a street cart vendor is of an immigrant looking to make it in the overwhelming world of New York City. The typical profile of a food truck vendor is middle to upper class American looking to test the market before opening a brick-and-mortar. The men behind one of Midtown's most popular food trucks, Uncle Gussy's, are neither of these. Instead, they're a mix of both. More

Bronx Eats: Seriously Tasty $1 Pupusas on 167th Street and Grand Concourse

Bronx Eats Chris E. Crowley 9 comments

Like all right-minded people, we here at Serious Eats love a good pupusa. Griddled corncakes, thick like a pancake, stuffed with a savory, waistline-be-damned filling—what's there to complain about? You'll find New York's most revered pupusas down at the Red Hook Ball Fields and plenty of good ones out in Queens, but the Bronx is no slouch either. More

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