Steakcraft: Uncle Jack's Kicks It Old School

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 11 comments

Uncle Jack's Steakhouse has three bustling locations in New York—two in Manhattan and the original location in Bayside, Queens. As is befitting of a true New York steakhouse, each location dry ages its own beef, and in that tradition Uncle Jack's has a purchaser that still heads down to the Meatpacking District at an ungodly hour to personally select the restaurants' beef. More

Steakcraft: Ristorante Morini's Fiorentina for Two

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 13 comments

To further prove my point that there is no single right way to cook a steak, the newly minted Ristorante Morini serves one up that is marinated in an herb, garlic, and oil mix under vacuum before being seared on the grill and finished in the oven. This comes from a group that already employs three different methods of preparing their steaks at their restaurants and an entirely distinct method at Costata, the steakhouse jewel in Morini's crown. More

Steakcraft: Hung Huynh's Steaks at The General and Catch

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 10 comments

Chef Hung Huynh helms two rather different restaurants: Catch and The General. The former is a contemporary American seafood restaurant; the latter a pan-Asian affair serving upmarket versions of popular dishes from across the continent. The steaks he serves at each are reflective of the inspirations and styles of the different restaurants with only USDA Prime beef to go with the rest of the upmarket offerings. More

Steakcraft: Lessons and Observations From a Year in Steak

Steakcraft Nick Solares 8 comments

What did 2013 show us in the world of premium steak? Longer aging times, more rib steaks, and there's more than one right way to cook a piece of beef. More

Steakcraft: Watch Alex Guarnaschelli Cook a 40-Ounce Rib Steak at Butter Midtown

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 20 comments

While a ribeye or New York strip fit well on more delicate menu's, the new midtown location of Butter, chef Alex Guarnaschelli's restaurant, needed something greater—a much larger steak with almost the entire rib bone attached. More

Steakcraft: The Ultra-Premium Steaks of Le Cirque

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 16 comments

Le Cirque's chef Christian Fischhuber showed us how he prepares both a New York strip for one and the ribeye for two. The latter is cooked in a steakhouse-quality broiler and sliced tableside. The strip can also be served this way, which is of course the purist approach, or in the classic au poivre style, which includes tableside flambéing and is reflective of the grand dining tradition of Le Cirque. More

Steakcraft: The Makings of Circo's Super-Premium Ribeye

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 11 comments

Circo, the younger offshoot of Le Cirque, serves a ribeye made with beef "beyond prime grade." More

Steakcraft: Watch Marc Forgione Make a Porterhouse and Steak Tartare at American Cut

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 29 comments

While the porterhouse at Marc Forgione's American Cut has all the hall marks of the classic steakhouse—the deep char, being sliced for the table and doused in butter—there are also several decidedly untraditional flourishes that set it apart from the average steak. More

Steakcraft: Marc Forgione's American Cut Makes a Pastrami-Style Rib Steak

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 13 comments

Chef Marc Forgione's Tribeca steakhouse features a rib steak that's rubbed in pastrami spices and smoked before cooking. More

Steakcraft: The Meaty Details of The Breslin's Rib Steak

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 27 comments

April Bloomfield and The Breslin's head chef Christina Lecki are a lot alike. They're on the short side with soft voices, friendly faces, and wry smiles. And they both command the kitchen with the authority of a Brigadier. Bloomfield and Lecki cook whole animals and baste giant slabs of meat in their own fat. But they're clear and precise in their techniques, which shows in the restaurant's rib steak. More

Steakcraft: A Visit to Florence Prime Meats, Home of the Newport Steak

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 13 comments

Florence Meat Market was opened on March 6, 1936 by the legendary butcher Jack Ubaldi. It's still kicking today, doing things the old fashioned way like only using prime beef and hand-cutting every steak to order. More

Steakcraft: A Special Deal on Steak au Poivre at Restaurant Row's Le Rivage

Steakcraft Nick Solares 7 comments

Paul Denamiel, chef and owner of Le Rivage, offers a dry aged steak special for two on Monday nights for a very attractive price: $99 for two 18 oz. New York strips. More

Steakcraft: Harold Moore's Sous Vide Porterhouse at Commerce

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 13 comments

At Commerce, chef Harold Moore wanted a dish that was reminiscent of a Peter Luger steak. But a small kitchen and no commercial-grade broiler meant he needed to get creative with how he cooked his beef. The answer? It's in the bag. More

Steakcraft: The Orange Squirrel's New York-Quality Steak in Bloomfield, NJ

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 9 comments

Chef Francesco Palmieri has strong connections to several other chefs that we have featured here on Steakcraft, making The Orange Squirrel a natural for a feature despite being a little off a New York's beaten path in Bloomfield, NJ. More

Steakcraft: A Trip to a Pro Dry Aging Room and Preserve24's Massive Steaks

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 6 comments

This week we tour the dry aging room of one of New York's preeminent meat distributors and see how Preserve24's steaks go from cavern to table. More

Steakcraft: RedFarm Steak, RedFarm's 28-Day Pop-Up Restaurant

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 2 comments

RedFarm's temporary steakhouse will feature rib and strip steaks for the month of September before the space re-opens as Decoy, a restaurant specializing in Peking duck. More

Steakcraft: The Rib Steak for Two at The Leopard at Des Artistes

Behind the Scenes Nick Solares 4 comments

In the long run it is quality product that is the key to success," says Chef Vito Gnazzo of cooking in general and his rib steak in particular. Gnazzo features a USDA Prime 32 oz. rib steak for two that is dry aged for over 30 days on the menu at The Leopard at Des Artistes More

Steakcraft: Costata Part 3, Dry-Aged Boneless Ribeye and New York Strip

Steakcraft Nick Solares 6 comments

Previously we looked at Costata's large format, bone-in steaks for two (or more). This week we feature two of the boneless steaks for one: the New York strip and the ribeye. More

Steakcraft: Costata Part 2, Tagliata and Fiorentina Steaks for Two

Steakcraft Nick Solares 11 comments

Last week we looked at signature steak at Michael White's Costata—the 44 oz. dry aged rib steak for two. Today we have the restaurant's two other large-format steaks: a porterhouse and a New York strip to share. More

Steakcraft: Michael White's Signature Rib Steak at Costata

Steakcraft Nick Solares 22 comments

Walk into a butcher shop in Italy and request a costata and you will be presented with a familiar-looking cut, even if you don't speak Italian. Costata translates into rib steak—one of the most popular prime cuts available. An Italian ordering the costata at Costata, on the other hand, will probably be a little shocked by what descends upon the table. More

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