Inside the Wonderful Restaurant Stuck in a Tiny Coffee Shop

Craig Cavallo 6 comments

By day, Box Kite is a tiny cafe like many others in the East Village. But by night it turns into a remarkable restaurant serving surprisingly delicious and upscale food for such a small space. More

The Best Dishes to Order at the Cleveland

Max Falkowitz 11 comments

When the Cleveland opened in Cleveland Place in Soho last year, it didn't set out to reinvent the wheel. Its latest chef, Max Sussman, keeps that mission intact, but with some exciting ambitions. That means there's trout roe in your cabbage salad and a whole eggplant as a main course. Those and more must-order dishes after the jump. More

The Grocery is a Smith Street Classic

Craig Cavallo 1 comment

Now 15 years old, The Grocery on Smith Street shows some of its age, but the kitchen's precision and the staff's genial service never get old. More

Big Flavors in Unlikely Places at Rosette

Craig Cavallo 1 comment

Chinatown's pulse beats fastest at Canal and Bowery, where the Manhattan Bridge spills traffic onto the island and, nearby, the diesel engines of buses idle. Few people consider the eastern reaches of the neighborhood, between the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges, as a dining destination. But that's where Rosette opened at the end of January. More

How to Eat at Crazy Crab, Flushing's Yunnan-Burmese-Cajun Crab Shack

Jamie Feldmar 4 comments

The key to a successful experience at Crazy Crab is twofold: flexibility and knowledge. If you're looking for a full-blown Burmese or Yunnanese experience, you will be disappointed, as the menu offers only a handful of dishes from each cuisine. And if you're in the market for a legit Cajun seafood fiesta, then I have to ask what exactly you're doing in Flushing. But if you enter Crazy Crab with a plan of attack, an open mind, and a willingness to make a cross-cultural mess on your plate, you won't leave disappointed. More

Amélie Has Veg-Friendly Small Plates and a Killer Happy Hour

The Vegetarian Option Lauren Rothman 5 comments

The first thing to know about Amelie, a French-style wine bar in the West Village, is its happy hour. But there's good food to follow. More

Go for Lunch at Hi-Collar, the East Village's Japanese Coffee and Sake Bar

Nicole Lam 10 comments

A cafe by day and a sake bar by night, Hi-Collar brings two highlights of Japanese cuisine under one roof. But the lunch menu is worth a visit all its own. More

The Best Bites at The Clam, Mike Price and Joey Campanaro's West Village Restaurant

J. Kenji López-Alt 6 comments

There are plenty of things to love about The Clam, Mike Price and Joey Campanaro's new shellfish-centric seafood restaurant in the West Village . The menu can be a little perplexing in both format and conceit (is this upscale seafood shack food, or is it New American market-driven? Can it be both?), but there are good bites to be had amidst the confusion. Here's what to order. More

Italian Reflections of Bensonhurst at Il Colosseo

Craig Cavallo 1 comment

Il Colosseo has been at the heart of Bensonhurst's Italian neighborhood on 18th Avenue, aka Cristoforo Colombo Boulevard, for 23 years. The classics-driven menu has remained largely unchanged for most of them, and the food wears its age well. More

For a Meal at St. Anselm Without the Wait, Go for Brunch

The Brunch Dish Nicole Lam 2 comments

If you don't want to endure the infamous wait to get a seat for dinner at St. Anselm, go during brunch hours, when you can often just walk right in and still have a good meal. More

All'onda Makes Dining in Union Square Fun Again

Max Falkowitz 2 comments

All'onda in Union Square feels more grown up than most of its surroundings and more lively and spry than its established fine dining neighbors. The Italy-with-dabs-of-Asia menu has some next-level moments of radiance here—but what they add up to is still up in the air. More

August Restaurant is More than a Summer Haven

Craig Cavallo Post a comment

August in the West Village is all about the breezy food of spring and summer, but it has an appeal all year round. More

Pasha's Veg-Friendly Turkish Kicks it Old School, for Better and Worse

The Vegetarian Option Lauren Rothman 1 comment

Modern Mediterranean bites these aren't. But if you're craving an old-school New York experience, then a night at Pasha might be just the ticket. More

East 12th Osteria's Brunch is More Than Eggs and Pancakes

The Brunch Dish Nicole Lam Post a comment

If you're looking for more than just standard egg dishes for brunch, go to East 12th Osteria where you'll get a home cooked Italian meal and pastries. More

Hometown Barbecue Sings the Ballad of Beef Ribs

Max Falkowitz 7 comments

Hometown Barbecue feels like a well-loved, terribly-kept secret, serving some excellent smoked meat in a massive space on the Red Hook waterfront. More

Meet the Tiny Lunch Counter Tucked in a Midtown Loading Dock

Craig Cavallo 7 comments

I found El Sabroso after helping a friend move things into a Midtown showroom. We took turns bringing boxes into the freight entrance of 265 37th Street. In the loading dock, where there should have been freight elevators, there was a lunch counter instead, with six stools, one table, and a glossy red menu with the words "El Sabroso Restaurant" at the top. More

Sushi By-the-Piece at Wasabi, Times Square's Newest Fast Food Import

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 16 comments

Wasabi, a by-the-piece sushi shop, is the latest fast food import to hit Times Square. More

So a Comedian Opens a Korean Barbecue Restaurant

Chris Hansen 6 comments

This Seoul-based chain is founded by comedian, MC, and former professional wrestler Kang Ho Dong, which may lead you to believe that Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong is something of a gag. But on my visit that couldn't be further from the case. More

Pagani Shows Promise But Needs Work

Craig Cavallo 1 comment

Pagani's reasonably priced Italian has its pleasures, but to thrive on Bleecker street it'll have to do more. More

Hunan Manor: A Chinese Gem in the Shadow of Grand Central

Max Falkowitz 2 comments

Hunan Manor specializes in the spicy cooking of east-central China with a focus on all manner of smoked, dried, and pickled meats and vegetables. Less than a five minute walk from Grand Central Terminal, it's a restaurant worth missing your Metro North connection for. More

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