Rego Park, Queens


The Vegetarian Option: Cheburechnaya

The Vegetarian Option Howard Walfish 3 comments

Unless you live in Central Asia, you're unlikely to hear the phrase, "I'm going to get some Uzbek food tonight." And yet that's exactly what I told my friends a few nights ago, and that's how I found myself in Rego Park at Cheburechnaya, on a stretch of road that includes Chinese markets and Kosher Middle Eastern restaurants. More

Video: Ben's Best Delicatessan, Third Generation Deli in Queens

Erin Zimmer 5 comments

Just like you can't leave Peter Luger without ordering steak, you really can't go to Ben's Best Delicatessen without biting into a pastrami sandwich. In this latest episode of Food Curated from documentarian Liza de Guia, we meet Jay Parker, the third generation owner of the deli in Rego Park, Queens. He started as a grill boy at age 13, where his job involved making sense of frenetic orders: "four with, three plain, two with mustard, hoo behhh fehhh faster, faster!" (that was pretty much a direct quote from the video). But even years later, the pastrami is still slow-cooked exactly the same way. More

Matzoh, Matza, Matzah Ball Soup in Queens

Sara Markel-Gonzalez 6 comments

[Photos: Sara Markel-Gonzalez] Want More? View more Queens roundups » Tonight is the first night of Passover, and there is no better way to start the holiday than with a Matzoh Ball Soup round-up, Queens style. Although Jewish-style delicatessens... More

Serious Eats Finds New York's Best Cheesecake

Carey Jones 48 comments

In the pantheon of iconic New York foods, not much outranks the proud cheesecake. Whether after dinner at Luger's, by the round at Eileen's, or shipped across the country by Junior's, New York cheesecakes are a force to be reckoned with. After countless miles traveled, bites considered, and calories consumed, we've arrived at our winners. More

Where to Get Killer Corned Beef for St. Patty's

Erin Zimmer 1 comment

Irish or not, serious eaters need serious corned beef on St. Patty's Day. We've scoured the city for restaurants, delis, and butchers that are pickling and braising beef themselves. This is the serious beef you need. More

'Top Chef' Does Hot Dogs Tonight

Ed Levine 4 comments

On tonight's Top Chef, the aspiring top toques have to cook hot dogs. The show sprung a surprise on the contestants by bringing in one of New York's premiere hot dog cart purveyors, Angelina D'Angelo, to show them how... More

Subway Series Bread Refuses to Take Sides

Joe DiStefano 1 comment

The timeless rivalry between D and L? Unless you count competitive barbecuing I’m not much for sports. But if I had to declare a baseball allegiance, it would be to the Mets, mainly for geographical reasons. I was born... More

If I'm Going, Then Uyguring to Cafe Arzu

Robyn Lee 2 comments

"I'm going Uyguring" isn't something I get to say very often, but I wish it were. As far as I know, there are only three restaurants in New York City that specialize in Uyghur cuisine, the food of Central... More

Off the Beaten Path: Bone-In Uzbeki Meat Pie

Joe DiStefano 1 comment

Bone handle makes meat pie eating easy! As a resident of the Queens nabe known as Rego Park-istan, due to its high concentration of Uzbekis and other Central Asian immigrants, I’m no stranger to the savory pies known as... More

Best Bakeries in New York City

Ed Levine 44 comments

Here's a baker's dozen plus two of my favorite bakeries in New York. Are they the best fifteen in Gotham? You tell me. As the northeast weather turns colder and Thanksgiving approaches this man's attention turns to baked goods. Of... More

The Best Jewish Delis: What's Your Favorite?

Ed Levine 56 comments

Writing about the late, great Abe Lebewohl, a man's stomach turns its attention to delis—Jewish-style delis of course. Some of my earliest food memories are of eating at Wilshire's Deli on Central Avenue in Lawrence, New York. I remember my... More

The Health Dept. vs. the Jewish Deli

Ed Levine 3 comments

David Sax is a young food writer in Toronto who has dedicated himself to saving the Jewish deli. He's very passionate and zealous on this subject, so I wasn't surprised that yesterday he sent me a splendid link to his... More

A Cheese Danish to Savor: Where's your Favorite?

Ed Levine Post a comment

Most cheese danish are big, heavy, sweet, and sodden. The cheese danish at Marquet Patisserie on 74th Street between Broadway and West End is small, dainty, light, and almost savory. It's only six bites, but each one of those bites... More

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