Market Scene: NY

Snapshots from the farmers market.


What to Cook with Locust Grove's Phenomenal Peaches and Plums at the Union Square Greenmarket

It's not news that local, in-season fruit is pretty much always tastier than the year-round stuff at the supermarket. But the flavor of the peaches and plums currently available at the Greenmarket is practically mindblowing. And the variety, courtesy of farms like my personal favorite for stone fruit, Locust Grove Fruit Farm, surprises even market regulars like myself. Take a look at their ample selection and check out these recipes for what you should do with your haul. More

Everything's in Season at the Union Square Greenmarket, Here's What to Cook with It

It's time to go to the market. Hot weather is finally here, which is a drag, but that means that just about everything is in season right now. We're seeing tomatoes, corn, peaches, plums, okra, eggplant, peppers, blueberries, currants, gooseberries, beans, peas, and a lot more. Take a closer look at some produce, and grab recipes on what to do with it all. More

Market Scene: Post-Thanksgiving Fruits and Veggies at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

So: it's Friday morning, Black Friday morning, to be exact, and you're feeling a little guilty about last night and all that tasty food you stuffed into your increasingly bloated gut, eh? We've all been there. Right about now, you're thinking about what you'll eat this week to make up for the Thanksgiving free-for-all. The Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket can help. More

Market Scene: Getting Back to Normal at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

The tri-state area is still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy: there are still more saddening photos to see, more heartbreaking stories to hear, and lines still forming at gas stations. But in spite of everything that's been terrible about the past two weeks, one of the the brightest beacons of hope in the ordeal has been watching New Yorkers band together and help each other to move forward. That's what last Saturday's market was all about. More

The Union Square Greenmarket is Up and Running at Madison Square Park

While emergency vehicles are parked in Union Square, the Greenmarket has temporarily relocated to Broadway and 23rd Street at Madison Square Park. They're encouraging shoppers to fill an extra bag with produce to be donated right at the market and distributed to those in need by City Harvest. Support local farmers hit hard by the storm and your fellow New Yorkers in need at the same time! More

Market Scene: a Time of Transition at the Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket

It's a funny time at the Greenmarket right now: summer standbys like corn and cucumbers still make an occasional appearance as farmers try to eke out the last of their warm-weather crops, but they're somewhat overshadowed by an abundance of cool-weather favorites like root vegetables galore, crucifers like cabbage and broccoli, and overflowing crates of crisp, sweet apples and pears. More

Market Scene: All Kinds of Winter Squash at the Union Square Greenmarket

Erin's experience with pumpkin-flavored foods this week had her wondering what, exactly, a pumpkin tatses like (hint: it doesn't taste like a scented candle, as many grocery manufacturers seem to believe). What better way to refresh your memory than by visiting the Greenmarket and grabbing an actual pumpkin? Or delicata? Or blue hubbard, kobocha, golden acorn, and stripetti? Click through the slideshow for a closer look at all of the winter squash we've been seeing around the market lately. More

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