Morningside Heights, Manhattan


A Sandwich a Day: Two New Vietnamese Sandwiches in Morningside Heights

There was a time back when your only options for Asian food in the Morningside Heights vicinity were a semi-decent Korean barbecue joint, pre-fab Japanese-ish sushi, or takeout Chinese joints that specialized in fried chicken. Things have improved massively since then. Today there's not just one, but two Vietnamese sandwich shops within walking distance of one another in the vicinity. I decided to hop on my bike and check them out in a head-to-head sandwich-off. More

A Sandwich A Day: The Spicy Chopped Cheese From Uni One Gourmet Deli

The only things that I had around my corner to eat growing up was a couple of fried-chicken-peddling Chinese takeout joints, some poor pizza, and the Uni One Gourmet Deli on Broadway just south of Tiemann Place. In all my fifteen years living there, I never set foot in deli, but had Twitter existed when I was a kid, I might have known that a great sandwich was right under my nose the entire time. More

Thai Market: Bangkok-Style Eats in Morningside Heights

In my opinion, New York could always do with a few more good Thai restaurants, particularly ones that lean towards to the hotter, more impassioned, down-and-dirty end of the scale. I mean, they exist already, but most are a trek for me. The closest we've got in the northern reaches of Manhattan is Thai Market, a street-food themed restaurant near Columbia campus that is one of the better options north of the Village. More

The Brunch Dish: Queso Fundido at Havana Central

Havana Central took over the old West End space in Morningside Heights right by Columbia University a few years ago, and it was a nice change. No longer a dark, dingy space with a sticky-floored music venue in the darkest corner in the back, it's now an open (if dimly lit), friendly joint with nice energy, great street-side seating, and a decent lunch and dinner menu to boot. They've got three locations around the city, but only the Upper West Side and Union Square locations offer a special, egg-heavy brunch menu on Sundays. More

Date Night: Turkuaz

Eating inside what amounts to a big tent on chairs covered in red corduroy could feel gimmicky. Perhaps, in daylight, during lunch or brunch, it is. In the evening, however, seated at a two-top in a tiny pool of candlelight, the effect is wonderfully isolating. Turkuaz is best for: a date you'd like to go away with. More

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