Lower East Side, Manhattan


Mission Cantina: Danny Bowien's Foray Into Mexican Falls Short

After a few meals at Cantina I can feel the dedication and energy going into the restaurant. But the crushing ordinariness of the food suggests it's not enough. Petite, overstuffed tacos, high on style, are wan in the punch-to-the-gut flavors that made Bowien's name. Housemade Oaxacan cheese, bland as grocery store mozzarella and plated with some useless greens, is head-scratching. The question to ask at this early stage isn't "is it good," but rather, "would we be talking about it if it were owned by someone besides Danny Bowien?" More

Taquitoria is the Rare Gimmick That Gets it Right

You can't help but wonder why three dudes with fine dining pedigrees would open a tiny snack shack in the Lower East Side. Obviously the formula of (high-traffic) location plus (quickly nourishing, handheld) product plus (often in-the-bag) clientele makes sense. But we got the sense that theygenuinely love what they're doing. And you can taste it in their food. More

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