Hells Kitchen, Manhattan


Ivan Ramen's Slurp Shop: Damn the Authenticity, Full Speed Ahead

Ivan Ramen's Slurp Shop is open, and it's good. Really, really good. The last great ramen rush in New York was all about the pork. It's not until the last year or so that we've been dipping our feet into craziness that is modern ramen. Slurp Shop marks New York's first headlong dive, and it's fitting that a Jewish guy from Long Island is bringing it to us, leaving authenticity far behind in the dust. More

Chef Brandon Kida's Favorite Hell's Kitchen Eats

Brandon Kida, the chef de cuisine at the newly-opened restaurant Clement in The Peninsula hotel, isn't at home in Hell's Kitchen much these days. Like many other chefs, he can easily put in long hours seven days a week. But when he is home, there are plenty of spots to dine at within steps of his apartment. With the opening of Gotham West and the existing ramen joints, Kida says his neighborhood's culinary offering has changed a lot in recent years. He spoke with us about his favorites. More

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