Chinatown, Manhattan


Big Flavors in Unlikely Places at Rosette

Chinatown's pulse beats fastest at Canal and Bowery, where the Manhattan Bridge spills traffic onto the island and, nearby, the diesel engines of buses idle. Few people consider the eastern reaches of the neighborhood, between the Manhattan and Williamsburg bridges, as a dining destination. But that's where Rosette opened at the end of January. More

Chinatown for Vegetarians: 'Beef' Cooked in a Pumpkin

Vegetarian Dim Sum House specializes in fake meat, which might be an instant turn-off for some, but fine seitan and tofu cookery is a tradition that stretches back centuries in China, and with the right chef and the right dish, it really can be a beautiful thing. For a centerpiece dish you'll have to order off menu for a platter of mock beef in brown sauce baked inside a whole kabocha squash. More

Sugar Rush: Mango Pomelo Sago Soup from Indessert

Out of the ten items I've tried so far at Indessert, my favorite is their Mango Pomelo Sago Soup. This cold dessert soup starts with a base of freshly made mango purée mixed with heavy cream and sweetened with rock sugar, topped with tiny, chewy sago pearls, plump pomelo segments (or, in the current off-season, grapefruit segments), and chunks of ripe, juicy mango. More

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