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Lunch Today: Soups at Nyonya

With the arrival of fall and the occasional chilly, gloomy day, we've been looking for 1. warming, soothing lunch options that 2. don't make us stray far from our office. So the soups at Nyonya, right downstairs, start sounding pretty appealing. More

Lunch Today: Grilled Shrimp Sugarcane Skewers at Xe Lua

So the real name of this dish on the Vietnamese restaurant Xe Lua is Banh Hoi Salad Voi Chao Tom Nuong ($12). If that doesn't quite roll off the tongue, how about this: finely ground spiced shrimp wrapped around sugar cane and cooked on the grill. It's served with little nests of rice noodles, herbs and pickled vegetables, rice paper sheets which you soften in a bowl of hot water, and lettuce. It's a slightly ridiculous table-hogging assortment of food, but it's also one of the best renditions of Vietnamese sugar cane skewered meat I've had in New York. More

Lunch Today: Tofu with Dry Fresh Garlic at Hop Shing

You may know this place as "The Chatham Square restaurant next to the more famous Chatham Square." And I'll admit that were 6 Chatham Square not closed for renovations, I never would have stepped into Hop Shing next door. The place looks like its last redesign was in the 70's and they stopped halfway, but it's a charming (in its own way) little spot with some surprising bites if you're lucky. More

Lunch Today: Pikilia from Souvlaki GR

The pikilia ($12) includes a choice of four of their five dips (greatly improved odds in my book), along with hand-cut fries and pita bread. The fries are just the right amount of greasy, with nice browned bits here and there. They're also beautifully seasoned with oregano, so you can still feel sophisticated while shoveling them into your mouth by the handful. The pita gets major points for achieving a slightly crisp crust that gives way to a soft, warm, doughy interior. It's the perfect vessel for the gems of the meal: taramasalata, hummus, melitzanosalata, and tzatziki. More

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