Heart of the House


Heart of the House: Jon Jackson, The Standard Grill

Restaurant jobs are notoriously bucketed into the "side jobs" category, especially in New York where there's no shortage of aspiring actors, musicians and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Our interview this week is with Jon Jackson, a front of house manager at The Standard Grill in the Meatpacking District, who also paints, writes television pilots, and works at a dive bar. More

Heart of the House: Danny Rojo, Lot 2

As far as second careers go, becoming a chef is a bigger change than most. A passion for food can drive a whole new lifestyle, and pursuing that love can fuel a livelihood. And any chef, not just one on his second career, would be considered fortunate to land what Danny Rojo's first job was in New York—cooking at the chef's station of Bouley. But the position reminded him of the high-pressure corporate environment that he sought to escape in the first place. Lot 2 offered greener pastures and the chef's life he was looking for, where the job is simple: cook great food for great neighbors. More

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