Food Artisans

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Food Artisans: Saucy Sara's Salsa

When Sara Marshall moved from Texas to New Jersey in 2000, she was disappointed by the Mexican food options available in the Garden State. So she started making her own, and got into the habit of bringing Tex-Mex style salsa with her to parties and giving jars of it as gifts. Soon after, her company was born. More

Food Artisans: We Rub You

When Ann and Janet Chung were growing up in Texas in the '70s, "being Korean was unusual." So the sisters are thrilled that Korean food is gaining a foothold in mainstream food culture. "When we see kimchi in an American supermarket, it just knocks our socks off," Ann says. More

Food Artisans: New York's Best of 2012

Among the fifty-some local food artisans I talked with in 2012, there were some real standouts, products I purchase again for myself and as gifts. Some of them are straight-out-of-the-package delicious, while others play a shining supporting role in preparing other foods, but they're all pretty spectacular. More

Food Artisans: Daly Pies

Meghan Daly of Daly Pie attributes the popularity of her pie crust to two things: she uses all butter, no shortening or lard, and she does everything by hand, with no help from a food processor or mixer. That way, she says, it's easier to make sure there are different size bits of butter in the dough, which is what makes the crust extra flaky. "It really has that handmade quality," she adds. More

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