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Sushi By-the-Piece at Wasabi, Times Square's Newest Fast Food Import

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 16 comments

Wasabi, a by-the-piece sushi shop, is the latest fast food import to hit Times Square. More

A Hundred Bite-Sized Spanish Sandwiches at 100 Montaditos

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 4 comments

From a distance, the tiled mosaic sign announcing 100 Montaditos in a vaguely Basque font and diners standing around the marble-topped bar could almost fool a passerby into thinking this isn't a typical West Village watering hole. The cheap eats Spanish chain couldn't have picked a better location for its recent New York City debut. More

Sweet and Savory Gelato at L'Albero dei Gelati

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 1 comment

Unusual flavors like blue cheese, salmon and white pepper asparagus have grabbed a little media attention at this Park Slope ice cream shop. But most of the gelati, which are creamy with a light quality, and sorbets, about 16 in total, are less radical. More

A Homey Take on Japanese at Ootoya, Now in Times Square and the Flatiron

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 4 comments

Sure, you can have sushi or ramen at Ootoya, the large Japanese chain that recently sprouted its second US branch between Bryant Park and Times Square, but that would be missing the point. New York already has more than its share of single-minded specialists and Ootoya excels at less common teishoku, set meals with miso soup, rice, pickles, and egg custard, plus dish-specific sides, all presented in eye-pleasing ceramic and lacquerware. More

Fast Food International: Jinya Ramen Bar

Fast Food International Krista Garcia Post a comment

The shiny new midtown branch of Ipuddo may be garnering the most recent ramen attention, but it's not the only Japanese import worth talking about. In fact, there are a lot of similarities between the two. Both serve Hakata-style ramen characterized by pork-based tonkotsu broth and thin firm noodles. Also like Ipuddo, you'll get the shouted welcome upon entrance. Unlike Ipuddo, you probably won't have to wait in line for the privilege. More

Fast Food International: Dutch-Chinese Wok to Walk Comes to Times Square

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 11 comments

This new branch of the Dutch-based Chinese fast food chain offers stir fried rice and noodles that are fresher than the steam table competition, but it's not exactly a destination. More

Fast Food International: Yooglers and Vivoli

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 6 comments

Two foreign purveyors of chilled treats—each with a very different M.O.—have recently opened in Manhattan. More

Fast Food International: Danish Sandwiches at Aamanns

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 2 comments

Though not exactly treading in Big Mac territory, this modern sandwich import, portable and available to go, is the closest thing we currently have to Danish fast food. More

Fast Food International: Hot Pot at Little Sheep in Flushing

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 9 comments

Hot pot has never been in short supply in New York City, but that didn't stop Little Sheep, a big-in-China, Mongolia-based chain from opening its first local branch in Flushing. More

Fast Food International: Caffe Bene

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 3 comments

The concept of this premiere U.S. outpost of a Korean chain isn't unfamiliar: the emphasis on coffee drinks and customers parked with laptops feels Starbucks-y; the pick-your-own pastries in the front wouldn't be out of place in Au Bon Pain; and the refrigerated case of salads, sandwiches and wraps is reminiscent of Pret a Manger. The Korean influence is not particularly obvious. More

Fast Food International: Çiğköftem

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 9 comments

Çiğköftem is the name of both the establishment and the base for all three menu items. The product is a mixture of bulgur, tomato paste, and an unnamed 18 spices that sits in plastic-wrapped pre-formed balls waiting to be used. More

Fast Food International: Pie Face

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 2 comments

Country of Origin: Australia Locations Worldwide: 70 in Australia and one in the US NYC Locations: One, in midtown Midwest transplant Steak 'n Shake may have initially stole the thunder from down under meat pie chain, Pie Face, just... More

Fast Food International: Japadog

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 3 comments

The new year has already seen the arrival of a delicious foreign invasion. Vancouver's Japadog is proving that there's more to Canadian fast food than Tim Hortons. More

Fast Food International: Taka Taka

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 4 comments

Lower Manhattan just went from zero to two kaiten (conveyor belt sushi) spots in the same week. One kosher, one Mexican. Yes, Mexican. More

Fast Food International: Amorino, French Gelato Chain Comes to the US

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 3 comments

In a city already teeming with chilly treats—both homegrown and from abroad—you might wonder if we really need a new interloper. Maybe we do. Amorino, a Parisian import that opened in early June, is the latest gelato chain to make an appearance in NYC. It strikes a balance between the purist seriousness of Grom and Timi's unabashed kookiness (don't forget those sundaes with faces). More

Fast Food International: BBQ Chicken

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 6 comments

When South Korean 'BBQ Chicken' came to NYC in 2007, it took a familiar path and set up on the international fast food row of St. Marks Place, and Chelsea; the chain followed this typical trajectory and eventually shuttered both Manhattan locations. Now, there are two remaining branches walking distance from each other in Flushing, a logical location, and one that makes no sense geographically in Sheepshead Bay. More

Fast Food International: Eat & Go

Fast Food International Krista Garcia Post a comment

Situated in a small greenhouse-like structure in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, it's not immediately obvious that overgrown kiosk is anything more than a standard café. It's not until the word Istanbul and the charmingly awkward slogan "Superior Food by Dessertist" comes into view that the stand's foreign origin becomes apparent. More

Fast Food International: Saravanaa Bhavan

Fast Food International Krista Garcia Post a comment

One of the many brightly lit Indian restaurants lining Lexington Avenue's "Curry Hill," vegetarian Saravanaa Bhahan (also listed as Saravanaas and Saravana by the company) isn't instantly recognizable as a chain. And being a franchise certainly doesn't repel crowds; on any given evening there will be a wait for seating. More

Fast Food International: Aroma Espresso Bar

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 2 comments

Unlike many coffee chains, Israeli Aroma Espresso Bar is as much about the food as the java. In fact, most of the customers filling the red leather chairs at communal tables aren't drinking coffee at all, but nibbling on the tiny chocolate bar that comes free with each order. More

Fast Food International: Ajisen Noodle

Fast Food International Krista Garcia 4 comments

Country of Origin: Japan Locations Worldwide: Over 120 in Australia , Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, the US NYC Locations: One in Manhattan's Chinatown and one in Flushing's Most people don't... More

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